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Jurong Polyclinic 190 Jurong East Avenue 1 Singapore 609788
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

Jurong Polyclinic is a polyclinic set up to serve the residents in the western estate of Singapore, with affordable prices and a range of comprehensive medical services. 

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Long wait for walk ins

I agree with all the other reviews, that it is very cheap to get a consultation here. If I remember correctly, consultation is only around 6 dollars. Also, the service is quite efficient and can be very fast, but unfortunately not for those walking in.

I remember I once experienced a wait of almost two hours just waiting to see the doctor. They try to make the wait more bearable with TVs in the waiting area, but also unfortunately, they only air loops of Animated Mr Bean cartoons. Wow.

The staff, however, has quite good service and are very friendly, especially to the older folk. Once, when I had to undergo a blood test, they kept reminding me to tell them if I felt faint, which shows the service attitude.

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Great place for baby vaccination

The cost of vaccination for baby can be quite high at private pediatrician clinics. After hearing good reviews from my friends who sent their babies to polyclinics for vaccination, I decided to do the same.

What I liked about Jurong polyclinic is that they are very systematic. You make an appointment, they send you a reminder text when the date is coming up. On the actual day, you just have to scan the baby's birth certificate at an automated machine and the queue number tells you where to go. When your turn is up, you send your kid for vaccination by the nurse and then wait to see the doctor next. After each visit, the nurse schedules your baby for the next vaccination appointment.

The nurses also make it a point to explain the vaccination package and was gentle and professional towards my baby's uneasiness when the needle is making its way to the thigh. If long queue is an issue, we avoid making appointments during the peak hours. Actually, I think waiting time at a private pediatrician clinic is the same or much worse - I once went to one and had to wait 40 minutes before seeing the pediatrician.

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Affordable medical.

This place is very convenient for the residents of jurong to come and have a medical checkup for an affordable, if not, cheap price.

Why go to private doctors where you can just pay 1/10th of the price for a normal medical checkup? This service is given to us by the government, getting treated here enables us to have government subsidy, which is by all means useful to us. Especially the old folks.

With a neighbourhood hospital around, old folks would not have to take public transport to the hospitals to get their medical checkup. Walking to this polyclinic is easy enough for them and reduces strain on them physically. The government has thought well.

Also, the cheap prices enable us to be able to see the doctors regularly for checkups or for treatment. Too high medical costs would deter people from treating their illnesses, which may result in larger consequences in future.

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