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Grace Fu

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on June 05, 2013    

Grace Fu is a politician for Singapore's People's Action Party. She was born on the 29th of March 1964. She is the second woman in Singapore's history who has succeeded in clinching a full Ministerial position. She currently serves Singapore as 2nd Minister for Environment, Water, Resources and Foreign Affairs. She is also a Minister for the Prime Minister's office.


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(Updated: January 31, 2014)

Female Power

I happened to chance upon her name while studying for my General Paper.

And then I thought to myself - I want to be like her. Even in Singapore, it's rare to find women in top-rank positions, and Grace Fu is one of the few in Singapore Politics that hold a position that is of a full-ministerial rank. In fact, she may just be the only one.

While she isn't as popular as the other politicians that constantly promote themselves, she holds my interest. She is the second minister to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - a ministry that I perceive to deal with all the international connections and foreign affairs (as the name suggests) - just a step to my dream job.

Maybe someday, I, too, will become the Minister of Foreign Affairs. But when the time comes, I might end up choosing to be a lawyer, artist and musician all at the same time.

There is too much one can be in a lifetime.

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