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Mah Bow Tan

Mah Bow Tan

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on June 04, 2013    

Mr Mah Bow Tan used to work for the Singapore Bus Services. His effort within that career was recognised. Hence, he succeeded in combing up the ranks till he became the General Manager for Singapore Bus Services. He shifted his career to Singapore Press Holdings whereby he was appointed General Manager once again. 

Mr Mah Bow Tan began to transform into a dedicated politician who served People's Action Party and representing the Tampines GRC since 1988. He is still  a Member of Parliament. He used to be a member of the Cabinet in the mid 1990s to 2001. He was appointed the Minister of Comunications till 1999 and Minister for the Environment till 1995. He was also a Minister for National Development recently.



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Responsible for his words but uncapable of solving the bigger problem

One of the few politicans that had generated uproar and a burst of debate about his comment about affordable housing, he is rather despised by many in SIngapore.

As a Singaporean, one of the things one can be proud of can come in the form of House Ownership. In fact, Singapore's house ownership is one of the highest in the world with the government's policy on trying to maintain and continue providing affordable public housing.

Propagating the ideal situation of the PAP as a minister, Mah Bow Tan makes a public declaration to "provide good quality, affordable homes, for as many people as possible, through good times and bad". This ended up elliciting uproar with the rapidly rising house prices with the growing population subsequently.

However, while Mah Bow Tan could have made that comment, is it right to judge him so harshly? For all his words may be worth, he was just doing his job - he was just a mouthpiece of the party that he was serving. While he is responsible for his words, it is ultimately the government's burden to shoulder and not a single man's.

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Thanks for screwing up public housing

Seriously, you do not deserve half a point. I think he is an arrogant, self-serving ....politician.

It was under your watch that housing prices skyrocketed. It was under your watch that new public housing construction slowed to a crawl so that the prices of resale flats would be artificially jacked up.

It was your policies that made buying a resale flat to be a daunting exercise for me when I got married because there were not many new flats in the queue.

Thanks for nothing MBT. I am glad that you are not a minister anymore. See you in 2016.

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