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Nicole Seah is a member of the National Solidarity Party and made her debut in the General Elections 2011.


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Sincere and convincing but overly-emotional

It is inevitable that she is compared to the other youngest member of PAP - Tin Pei Ling - for they are fighting to 'represent the youth' as the members would have termed it. While it is indeed unfair to even be comparing two individuals from completely different backgrounds, Nicole Seah has (in the eyes of the public) shown much more composure and maturity than Tin Pei Ling in their response to the media as well as their public behaviour.

I find Seah's inspiration to join the political arena very touching and noble. She has also proven to be convincing and articulated - which is an important skill.

However, I must comment that her overly-emotional public personas can be damaging to her reputation. Indeed, a politician should primarily want to make a difference and change the lives of many, but a politician must also remain sufficiently impersonal when making the right decisions. This is something I believe she can (and should) work on.

It is unfortunate to hear that such a passionate member of the NSP has left the party. But I respect her decision all the same, and let's hope she'd continue to answer to her true callings.

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Pretty, Intelligent, Smart

I follow her on facebook - I subscribe to her feed and I get a really good dose of personal reflection and thought on so much local news that makes me really respect this girl. At such a young age, Miss Seah has managed to prove herself worthy as an intelligent young lady that has no qualms about airing her opinions that are not only inspiring, but perceptive.

Even in the election where she was running agains Miss Tin as a young contestant, her knowledge and answers beat Miss Tin's hands down. Her pretty and approachable face is an added bonus to her smarts - making her a really good choice for the people. Although she didn't win in the election, I found it heartening to see her post about a graceful defeat, saying that even though she did not win, she would continue to serve the nation. An inspiring politician indeed - not to mention that she is technologically-savy and heartwarming in carrying out groundwork to connect with Singapore Citizens.

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(Updated: August 28, 2013)

Earnestness personified

If there is one thing that I remember Nicole for is her earnestness. During the last campaign, she at the very least exhibited sincerity that pro-white commentators took as naivety. Don't forget one fundamental point here, if you do not care for the people, you lose them and you are politically bankrupt.

For Nicole's sake, I hope she is still sowing the ground and come 2016, be part of a party to be reckoned with.

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Singapore Girl

Nicole Seah embodies the image of a young Singaporean professional who is able to think independently and act confidently. She hails from the media industry and is not bad looking, so it's little wonder that her speeches wins over the people easily. However, it is her actions that speaks more eloquently than her words.

Nicole has been engaged in community activities for years before even entering politics. In fact, it is during one of these volunteering stints that first sparked her interest in politics. Therefore, her ground-up perspective of the government resonates with most of our fears and concerns today. Even when facing tough questions from both the press and other candidates, Nicole is quick enough to provide tactful and sincere answers that leaves us nodding our heads in approval.

A true ambassador for the young Singaporean, I believe that this girl can hold her own against any ministers in an election and look forward to see where the 2016 elections will lead her.

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Better than TPL

Nothing that she said or did particularly impressed me. Nothing particularly insightful. Nothing that another politician could have said. And I did keep a fair watch over the 2011 GE, including the never ending comparisons between Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling. She was incredibly fortunate to be compared to Tin Pei Ling, since that is about as positive a comparison that one can ever have. Added bonus: People won’t actually know her true capabilities unless elected. Of course, it’s a matter of getting elected first.

That said, she is brave and vocal, which is quite commendable for someone that young in an environment of significantly more senior politicians. Also, she appears decidedly more in touch with majority of Singaporeans—something that Tin Pei Ling failed even to appear to be.

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She is lucky

Nicole Seah is lucky that Tin Pei Ling was in the same election as her. If you make comparisons between the two, Nicole Seah is clearly the winner. But if there was no Tin Pei Ling in the same election, would she have stand out? People may just remember her as one of the youngest candidates and a pretty face.

Personally, I did not follow the GE very closely and only knew some of these candidates during my usual lunchtime gossip with my colleagues. Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling were always part of the GE topics because my colleagues were younger and they felt "connected" to these younger candidates. They were also enjoying how these young candidates made mistakes publicly, these made all their mistakes seemed insignificant.

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Youth and Grace

Nicole Seah's strengths were highlighted by running opposite Tin Pei Ling. Her maturity, poise, and eloquence won her many admirers. She was the only one of the NSP candidates to make an impact on the Marine Parade GRC race.

Personally I believe she is much more in touch with the community, everyday Singaporean, and younger generation. I was also very impressed with she way she handled tough questions by the press.

If more opposition candidates of her caliber start surfacing, PAP will see its ruling party status hard to defend in the next elections

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Face to look out for in future elections

Much unlike Tin Pei Ling - the very candidate she is often compared to - I reckon that Nicole Seah would make a better candidate in parliament because she is much more vocal about issues that plague our nation. With her, I actually do get the feeling that she is able to truly understand the gripes of SIngaporeans.

The problem with a number of local politicians in the government is that they seemed to come from privileged backgrounds and had their education at elite schools. As such, there is always that feeling that they are unaware of the real daily issues that Singaporeans face. With Nicole Seah, that does not seem the case at all.

As such I do hope to see more of her in future political activities so that we can truly have a local voice speaking for us.

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