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Tin Pei Ling is a member of the People's Action Party and a Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC in charge of the MacPherson ward.


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Age does not matter, Maturity does

I don't think people would forget the supposedly negative impression that Tin has made during the 2011 General Election that has caused her to be the victim of many harsh criticisms from the public. Of course, the "winner" of exciting "battle-off" against the youngest member of the PAP with the prettiest (and the youngest too) member of NSP Nicole Seah is obvious.

From my personal viewpoint, I think the main issue with Tin was not her young age. Her young age was merely an ignition of the whole series of backlash against her. Instead, I felt that she did display immaturity in answering the questions of the interviewers and also in her actions. (like the Kate-Spade bag) She could have well-proven her doubters her mettle if she had displayed more composure, professionalism and wisdom beyond her age.

In addition, as the PAP mentioned that Tin was added to their community to appeal and attract the younger voters, but she has not shown active signs of her connecting with the youth and understanding the problems from the youth. There is a difference between having a young age and having an ability to connect with others and empathize.

I must admit though that it is indeed cruel to doubt her right from the beginning due to her close affiliations with the important figures in the parliament - yet, it is also fair because she has indeed disappointed the high expectations of the citizens towards her. Perhaps she should really gather more life experiences before entering the parliament to allow her to have a stronger and clearer sense of purpose.

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Only a pretty face

I'm sure this girl managed to bring the spice into politics. And I'm also very sure that after her public announcement that she loved Kate Spade, more people actually found out what Kate Spade was and then a Kate Spade Shop opened in the heart of town.

Mean jokes aside, I remember Tin Pei Lin as te young contestant from PAP - apparently having the chance to run for election because of her connections - that was supposed to face off other young contestants from the other parties like Miss Nicole Seah. With a competitor like Nicole Seah, Tin Pei Lin's interviews and responses paled in comparison to hers; even her groundwork was inferior of Miss Seah's.

To be brutally honest, I don't have a good impression of Miss Tin other than her pretty face. Having gone for another speech rally, I'm pretty sure one of the opposition party's candidates had indirectly insulted Miss Tin by saying that "some parties hire candidates that win by hiding behind the veterans in the field (and in this case Mr Goh)".

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Quit politics please

Pei Ling, please consider quitting politics. I feel that you don't click with people. But if you still want to persist, go take some advice from Nicole, if she wants to share any with you. Watch and learn.

If that fails, consider being a Kate Spade reseller. I'll think you'll be a much greater success with the marketing masterstroke you had given that brand. And please don't forget to ask for a hefty commission to make up for your loss of income as an MP.

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More than inexperienced

In the time that her GRC was elected, there was already a lot of unhappiness with the government, and introducing younger people to the political scene was meant to bring about change, but seeing the way she behaved, she was put down severely. While I agree that we should not compare her with other more well liked young politicians such as Nicole Seah, her immature actions and lack of ability is unacceptable.

It is a fact that was she not in a GRC but in an SMC, she would definitely not have been elected. She does not think thrice about what she says or does, and worse of all is that she does not uphold the type of character that a member of parliament should have, and she appears to be more of a materialistic young girl than a mature and wise member of parliament,

That aside, I don't see much change in her in the past 2 years, nor has she been part of the efforts of bringing about the change that introducing younger politicians was supposed to bring. Unless she takes a bigger step to improve herself, I would continue to not respect her as a member of parliament.

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Not a good start

Youths are given chance to make mistakes but not so for a young public figure. Tin Pei Ling started her political career on the wrong footing and it may take her a very long time and a great deal of effort to change the first impression most people had of her.

There were many gossips that she had special connections that let her become a candidate for PAP. PAP had always been portrayed as a party of elites and introducing her as a candidate seemed to have been a wrong move by someone. This mistake at least lowers the party from their "godly" level to a human level. At least now we know they are also human and human makes mistakes.

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(Updated: February 28, 2013)

That Poor Lass

TPL was thrust into the limelight during the 2011 elections simply because she's the youngest girl on the block. Then, when the opposition unveiled the formidable Nicole Seah, she was compared to her ultimate nemesis in absolutely everything, of which she had no chance in hell of winning. Throughout the election, TPL had to maintain a straight face on stage with opposition fans chanting Kate Spade repeatedly. By the way, I do not condone that, no matter how it appear otherwise. Finally, she had to win the election with the open knowledge to all that she didn't deserve to win.

I actually feel sympathetic to her plight. Or as much sympathy as I could muster for someone who earns a million dollars a year. Because when you think about it, she's just like anyone of us, in the sense that she's ORDINARY. Not particularly smart nor eloquent, quick thinking, tactful with words, have trouble memorizing scripts, taking pics with branded bags now and then. Okay, maybe not the last 1.

TPL is the perfect example of an average person being picked apart because she doesn't live up to the public's expectations. Being compared to someone like Nicole only made things worse. Much worse.

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Time to grow up

Tin Pei Ling is the prime example of how the GRC is a flawed system. I was in the Marine Parade GRC in the GE 2011 and was completely disgusted by her antics and lack of maturity. But when I compared the likes of Goh Chok Tong and Seah Kian Peng to the unknown and mostly unimpressive candidates fielded by the opposition party, I could not bring myself to vote for the opposition. And so, to the disgust of many, Tin Pei Ling has sailed into a million dollar salary on the backs veteran politicians.

Despite her mistakes, there are many who urge Singaporeans to give her a chance to prove herself. Personally though, I do not see how an MP who lacks the judgment and maturity to control her emotions and statements can be trusted to lead us. Her performance since her election has also been lacklustre.

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Not dynamic enough to be a politician

It's not that I don't like Tin Pei Ling. I reckon that given her past work experiences and qualifications, she would make a good executive at most corporate or government firms. But she needs to realise that being a part of the government is a whole new ball game. As a representative of her voters in parliament, she is expected to fight strongly for their issues, speak up about matters she campaigned about during elections and to act as a voice for the younger generation of Singaporeans.

As I do follow the news and read the papers quite often, I can't help but notice her lack of activity in voicing out for the people on issues that matter. As I have not listened to an actual parliamentary session, I may be wrong on this. But in order to truly win over the trust and faith of her voters, she needs to be more dynamic and be seen and heard speaking out more often.

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