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A colorectal surgeon by profession who was thrust into the limelight as the PAP's candidate for the Punggol Easy By-Election. He lost in the opposition's biggest margin victory.


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Has Potential, but lacks human touch

During the Punggol east By-election, Dr Koh was put forward as a seemingly good candidate to front the PAP team. Unfortunately, given the bad timing of the by-election just after the release of the white paper, it seemed that political tension was still high in Singapore. This resulted in a loss of the GRC by the PAP - and even outward expression of dislike towards Dr Koh. I still remember during the By-election period, there were meems that were made of Dr Koh - his words twisted to become a sick joke for the masses while criticising his supposedly elitist comment about having 2 cars.

Altough I am not a fervent PAP supporter, I feel that Dr Koh does have the potential to achieve much, just that in the field of politics, he has shown little warmth and reach to the people of the punggol GRC. In fact, the vast disparity of his actions can be seen by the actions of the other competitors such as Miss Lim who went all out to show her care for the citizens there.

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Holy Piles! Take that! Kapow!

Most people love rooting for the underdog and the down-trodden. When the Punggol East by-election came to being by the exposure of the indiscretions of one Michael Palmer, the opposition party was already the underdog, but with a growing support base due to rising sentiment against the status quo. When the PAP parachuted their rear-end surgeon, it relegated the WP's choice to the rank of the underdog of the underdogs.

Everyone knows what happened in the end. The underdogs has their day. It was like Wimbledon beating Liverpool in 1988 for the FA Cup.

But the people have spoken. Scholars and high-flying professions do not gurantee a win anymore. You have to be able to reach out to the ground, something that medical school does not teach in their curriculum.

KPK is a byword for that now.

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Hampered from the start

I think Dr Koh's chances at the recent by-elections were torpedoed by the growing dis-satisfaction with the PAP party and by social media. With the middle income Singaporean growing increasingly frustrated with PAP and their claim that living in Singapore is affordable, PAP's choice of a higher income candidate seems questionable. As someone who has benefited all the way from the current system, he is not someone who the common man can identify with.

Couple that with social media like YouTube and Facebook, which took snippets of his interviews and made them viral, and his chances too an even steeper dive. His "everybody has a car" statement was taken completely out of context and a complete mockery was made of his drain clearing publicity stunt (which every politician tries).

His merits or lack there of as a politician has been completely overlooked simply because he is in the PAP

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(Updated: January 29, 2013)

Driving Mr Daisy

It is disturbing that a medical professional (a surgeon, no less!) can be so misguided about matters of biology and geography. His claim that Punggol is his parent is bizarre, to say the least. I am the son of my mother and father. How did Punggol sire Dr K? It is a medical mystery.

Seriously though, I really like Dr Koh Poh Koon. That video with his catch cry "everybody owns a car" has gone viral and provided me with hours of entertainment. Yes, I just click on it and watch it over and over again. Laughter is the best medicine, colorectal or otherwise.

It would be way too crass of me to make a pun of "car" and the Hokkien term for colorectal...

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