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Listing created by June on January 28, 2013    

Kenneth is the elder son of legendary opposition politician Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam commonly known as JBJ. He graduated with double first class honours and enjoyed a successful career as a hedge fund manager responsible for overseeing millions of dollars. He now heads the  reform party.


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Not quite a complete politician yet

Opposition party leaders need to realize that to in order to get a sizable vote count during elections, they need to have much more than just charisma, great rhetoric and a heavy presence during election season.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam is undoubtedly a great speaker. He may be good at stirring up anti government emotions among the public, but as most residents of Punggol East have showed, they still do not trust this man to lead. Should he contest in an election at my constituency, I will likewise not vote for him simply because I don’t think he has what it takes to run a constituency on a day to day basis.

Instead of relying on rhetoric, he should work the ground more, understand the needs of Singaporeans better and to not be seen only around elections season.

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