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Chee once held the esteemed position of a psychology lecturer at the National University of Singapore. He was sacked in 1993 for "misappropriating research funds". He claimed that he was the victim of a political vendetta as he was in rival political party SDP at that time.

In previous elections he was sued into bankruptcy for defamation and arrested several times preventing his participation in politics. He now currently serves as the leader of the Singapore Democratic Party and will be contesting the 2016 elections.


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(Updated: August 28, 2013)

We are not interested in the academic side of politics

Good grief, the only thing worse than a bad member of the ruling party is a bad member of an opposition party.

CSJ is an academic. He tries to emulate JBJ, any fool can see that. But the difference between JBJ and him is that JBJ is practical, CSJ is stuck in his academia mode. So, come campaign time, not many people can connect with his ideas. He should move to the US where he can exercise his freedom of thought and free speech.

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Merely hot air

Even when I was much younger, I thought he was full of crap. I wonder how I innately knew that he was spouting nonsense even back then. Today, I still believe that he is full of crap.

He’s not the best speaker, but he definitely sounds very convicted to his cause, whatever his cause may be. He would definitely benefit from being more selective and moderate in the causes he chooses to pursue though, instead of breaking the regulations in place to get his point across. What’s more ridiculous is that it isn’t one bit effective. Most people know him as the bankrupt opposition clown. If others can operate (and I even thrive?) within the rules, it confounds me why he can’t.

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Only reminds me of being destructive

I have seen Dr Chee during his talks at Woodlands before, and in all due respect, I must say that he speaks passionately about his thinking and his beliefs.

However, the general impression that he gives is that he is opposing for the sake of opposing. Although there are rules in Singapore that prohibits or controls the way that speeches are being given, but why challenge them instead of working within the limits and getting his points across without getting into any legal trouble and thus not giving anybody any reason to stop him from contesting. I remembered that he had also spoken against the PAP in an foreign interview, which I felt was something that was not necessary. Why let others interfere in our domestic issues?

In some sense, I'm glad that he seems more subtle now as compared to a few years ago and I do hope that he would be a worthy and credible opposition who is there to provide an alternate choice and policy as he himself has put it across. However at this point of time, it is still hard for me to see me as someone that I might vote for even in the next election.

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Politician? Seriously?

I am not the most astute political observer, so perhaps I am not the most qualified for writing reviews on political figures. Still, from a completely layman Singaporean point of view, it is hard to take Chee Soon Juan seriously.

Mention his name and most Singaporeans immediately picture the fiery opposition politician who made defamatory comments, went on hunger strikes, and shouted like a hooligan at then PM Goh Chok Tong.

Singapore needs a strong opposition party to keep the balance of power but who in his right mind will vote for a politician who does not seem to have any sense of propriety or respect of authority or even himself for that matter?

Chee Soon Juan is a politician who likes to debate large issues, dig into "supposed cover-ups", and create a scene. But none of these will feed us or pay the bills. His issues lack relevancy to the everyday Singaporean and his antics have cost him any respectability he may have had.

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