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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 18, 2012    

George Yeo Yong-Boon (born 13 September 1954) is a former Singaporean politician and member of the governing People's Action Party (PAP).


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(Updated: March 19, 2013)

He deserved to stay

Ok, so he was from PAP, the party which many people are very disappointed with. However, he was not all like them, and while donning the same uniforms, he has an entirely different personality and charisma, for one that he is not so much of an upstart prick who thinks he is above others but he tends to be more humble and down to earth.

While there has not been any major conflict during his time in office as a foreign affairs minister, whatever part he played in minor conflicts such as Pedra Branca he did well in whatever part he played. I also felt that he was closer to the people, a better listener and one who takes action, whether by his words, actions or simply how he reacts to people around him.

While he has left politics, I felt he deserved the role of MP and he would serve the people better than many other MPs right now. I hope he does well in his future endeavours...

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In George we trust

Whether you're one of the riot shouting 'Kate Spade!' in Marine Parade or one of those eating chicken rice in the background, it's hard to deny that George Yeo was a good politician and a boon to Singapore.

As our foreign minister, he mastered the fragile art of diplomacy, toeing the fine line between peace and war everyday. Okay, I exaggerate. But the truth remains that this brilliant mind has been a blessing to Singapore ever since he entered politics. Given his active involvement in youth events throughout the years, he is the only minister who can truly claim to have connected with the younger generation. Creating a Facebook account before elections just doesn't do it.

In my opinion, George Yeo is one of the best ministers we ever had. It's a pity he's gone now, but the man deserve his rest.

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Truly an elite

Once upon a time, PAP represented the elites. Times had changed but George Yeo was truly an elite. His loss in the last GE was the saddest memory I had of the last GE. Not so much that PAP lost its first GRC but Singapore lost one of its minister.

In the press conference after his defeat, he was still able to put up a strong front and admitted his defeat and congratulated his opponents. The next few days were also sad because that was the time when Singapore waited for his next move. Initially there was still hope that he would run for the Presidential Election but in the end, he announced that he would be leaving politics.

It is good that he is happy with what he is doing now.

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Not just any typical elite politician

By most measures, the education background, career trajectory and seniority in the military makes George Yeo just another typical PAP politician. But instead of acting like an elite who hails from the highest social class of Singapore, he has made significant effort to connect with folks on the ground.

I noticed how easy it was to connect with him on social media sites such as Facebook. Through the many messages that I have read from his online sources, I do find him to be more sincere about helping Singaporeans. I find the effort made on his part commendable and find it a pity that he is unable to serve Singapore as an MP.

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(Updated: January 30, 2013)

A rare gem

George Yeo is one of the few PAP members I truly respect. He does not need the shelter of a GRC to be elected, in fact he probably lost in GE 2011 because of his GRC members dragging him down.

In the recent General Elections 2011, he did not stoop to criticizing other parties, or making veiled threats to voters thinking of voting against the PAP like so many of his peers did. I was impressed by his soft spoken dignity.

Unlike many politicians, who make a big show of connecting with the common folk and picking up leafs from a drain (ahem) during election time, George Yeo has been a constant presence throughout his tenure. Of course, his position as Singapore's Foreign Minister probably helped to keep him in the public eye but even so, he has done a fantastic job during his time as the Foreign Minister.

Perhaps the greatest measure of a man is how his enemies view him. To gain respect from your foes is the best yardstick of a man's character and achievements. George Yeo has achieved just that, walking away from Singapore's political scene with praise and respect of both his peers and his opponents.

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One of the most respectable human beings.

George Yeo is pretty much one of the main reasons why I am a supporter of PAP (haters gonna hate), and I really respect him a lot, not just as a minister, but as an average Singaporean.

Did you know? George Yeo actually likes to run with other fellow Singaporeans, and I've ever seen him posting on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to go for a run, and have heard stories of people witnessing him jogging with others around Punggol Park too. How awesome is he man, seriously?!

George Yeo is such a good speaker and it is a joy listening to him speak. If I could, I'd talk to him if I ever got to see him on the streets or something.

Although it was a really sad case to see that Aljunied was won over by Worker's Party, I am sure he will make a comeback somehow! He's such a great man, I won't even mind if he became the next president or something.

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A charismatic speaker

I had the honour of speaking to our ex-Foreign Minister at a recent business networking event. Ever since he left the political scene in Singapore to explore further ventures, Singapore has found it's diplomatic ties with other nations take a huge hit. But that's a story for another day.

I managed to introduce myself to him and chat about his company (yes, he is involved in business now, venturing into the profitable Chinese market). He was respectable and spoke to me as an equal - a humbling move on his part as I'm young enough for him to brush off. After some cordial conversation, he excused himself before heading on to stage to deliver an inspiring speech that we can expect from George Yeo himself.

I respect his talent for speaking to large crowds and capturing their attention. No wonder he was arguably the PAP's most popular minister during his time there. A great man.

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

Perhaps one of the most popular politician

Most of the Singaporeans felt it was a pity that he actually lost his seat in the parliament after the last General Election. He empathizes, he dared to speak of what the government was lacking in.

The fact that he didn't get involved in the "creating unhappiness" game that the rest of the politicians did by criticizing other parties in their rally speeches gained many supporters. Even self-claimed opposition supporters start to feel good about this PAP guy. I still remember him saying that as politicians and part of the government, they should never be arrogant and must always listen carefully.

Even after he left his seat as a minister, he's still maintaining his fb account well. And of course, his posts garnered many 'likes'. Go like his fb page now to be updated with his interesting posts in the future!

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I feel sorry for this guy

BG Yeo is the perhaps the biggest casualty of the last general elections and I must say undeserved as he was dragged down by his running mates.

I met him once, and I found him to be a soft spoken man. He showed empathy to people he met, a quality sorely lacking in the others in his team. It is no wonder that his team lost the elections.

As the foreign minister, I find him to be a natural, being able to balance politics with diplomacy. As a result of his loss, he also loses his ministership. Perhaps, he should have been rotated out of the GRC he was in and replaced with the most hated ex-minister instead. Then he wouldn't have lost.

He did exhibit exemplary grace in defeat. He wished the victors well, while also taking responsibility of his team's loss instead of blaming his running mates in a great show of leadership.

Perhaps, in 4 to 5 years time we may see him again, hopefully this time with better people.

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A cool politician!

I remember George Yeo as being the first Singaporean minister to start blogging. He has been blogging since August 2006. If my memory serves correct, he was also the first minister to have an active Facebook account.

The fact that he spent a considerable amount of his time interacting with young people is something I appreciate, something I feel politicians in Singapore should actively do. He attends and supports many youth driven community projects and events, including ZoukOut! When's the last time you heard of an ex-minister attending ZoukOut??!

All in all, a cool man with a smart brain.

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