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K. Shanmugam is Singapore's Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Minister for Law. K. Shanmugam is currently an MP for the Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency.


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A Shining Gem

Known for his intelligence and his capabilities in smoothly running the ministry that he heads , he seems to be one of the gems that PAP has managed to polish. In addition to his eloquence, he conveys a sense of beautiful commitment to the nation - he maintains, fosters, and create bonds with our neighbours and the other nations in the global community.

Despite his high standing in politics, he is portrayed as a amiable man with a keen sense of objectiveness. Unlike other parlimentary members who brush off feedback and sit on their high horse through the positions that they yield, Mr Shanmugam seems humble, replying with a personal tone.

If he were a gem, he is truly shining in the midst of the dark that politic brings.

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One of the most intelligent we have...

I've always thought of K. Shanmugam as one of the most intelligent men we have running the country. The fact that he held the post of Minister for Home Affairs and was then made the Minister for Foreign Affairs, while continuing to serve as Minister for Law says much about his capabilities.

I've read many of his interviews and have found him to be a man who's always calm in the eye of any storm. With the questions flying in fast and thick from the public in several forums, he's always answered them calmly and confidently and never having put a foot wrong.

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