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Lee Hsien Loong is the third and current Prime Minister of Singapore, and the son of Singapore's first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

As the General Secretary of the People's Action Party (PAP), he became Prime Minister in 2004, succeeding Goh Chok Tong. He has been a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1984, and was one of the key leaders in Singapore's political transition in the 1980s and 1990s.


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Inspiring man

This man has inspired me. Although it seems that in recent times he has not shown himself to be like his father, he seems to be a man that Singapore can depend on. While his father may have had policies with strict control and other not so respectable gossip, Lee Hsien Loong seems to be taking another path with his reign as Prime Minister.

He has inspired me with his bilingualism that makes me see that it is possible to be able to master both languages (and maybe another). Not only that, his speeches make me ponder about a lot of national issues that Singaporeans seem to be grousing about. Although from the citizens point of view the citizens make sense, from Mr Lee's presentation of his efforts, I can actually feel that the government is still trying to help in little ways. After all, Singaporeans will always find things to grumble about. Even then, Mr Lee has remained an inspiring figure - I hope he continues his father's legacy and take Singapore to new heights.

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Hip Siol

Lee Hsien Loong is Singapore's current Prime Minister. Yes, think PAP, red polo shirts and sharp suits. Yet, he is also touted as one of Singapore's hippest politicians. His involvement in social media makes him more personal, and more understandable to Singaporeans.

He is active on Facebook and regularly posts photos and statuses about his day. Once, he took a picture of an owl that flew into his office and posted it online! He even has an Instagram account and to date, he has 181 pictures. Pretty active, I would say. His Instagram account makes it easy for young people like me to connect with him better, which is a wise move.

I don't think he is the best speaker that Singapore has. But I like that he is not arrogant, nor pompous. He seems to really care for the people and ultimately, I think that's what is most important in a politician.

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Who doesn't know Ah Loong?

LHL is the husband of Temasek's CEO. Need I say more?

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It is more interesting to listen to the National Day Rally now. Mr Lee was able to make use of new media to make National Day Rally that much more enjoyable. Mr Lee is also very connected to the people and in his speech, he is always able to bring out some of the latest topics and discussed those topics in a light hearted way.

He also had a good sense of humour and he was able to bring out laughter from the audience during his National Day Rally. Before him, I had always considered the National Day Rally to be a very serious event and I was not able to sit through the whole event. For the past few years, I was able to sit through the whole National Day Rally and to have some laughs. He had shown a very sincere effort to connect with the people.

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The Man in the Hot Seat

I feel that this guy has alot weighing on him. He's trying to transition his party into the next era, an unprecedented era in which a credible and influential opposition exist. He gotta do it slowly and carefully without stepping on anyone's toes too, because he is the leader of the ruling party and can ill afford to lose the support of his party members.

On the other hand, educated generations of Singaporeans are scrutinizing his every move. The needs of a country and its people are sometimes contradictory, and tackling controversial issues like foreign talent and property prices have to appear neutral and objective. There will never be a perfect solution to the problem, so whatever decision come to pass, someone will surely have something to attack him by in the next election.

I'd hate to be in his shoes. On second thoughts (particularly the thought of the millions he makes), maybe not.

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So far so good

Lee Hsien Loong understand that the world has changed, and that Singaporeans are calling for increasing democracy, freedom and creative expression. He understands, and has taken action to meet these modern expectations. Well-done!

I am glad that Mr Loong did not follow in his father's footsteps. Mr Lee Kuan Yew has effected excellent policies, but these policies have become irrelevant today, so Mr Loong's derivatives are a good choice! The most difficult step for him will be to balance the expectations of the younger generration vs. the older generation. In some aspects, he will have to completely change age-old mindsets. For example, the idea of having opposition parties may soon come into force. Mr Loong will have to adopt a very flexible mindset, something that Singaporeans find hard to do.

There are still alot of work that needs to be done, so I shall see what Mr Loong will do. So far so good!

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Stepping out from under a large shadow

Given who his father is, I suppose PM Lee has a tough time stepping out from under his father's shadow. Many view what he says and does as an extension of his father's will. In fact, the common sentiment among many is that Lee Kuan Yew rules on through his son.

Some of his more controversial comments ranging from topics such as the income gap, upgrading of PAP wards, and others have not helped to shake that view.

It is difficult to contradict that feeling at times but I believe he has done a respectable job of steering Singapore through some very challenging times. At the very least, he is firm in his stands once he makes them and is not pulled in different directions by advice from all sides.

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A great leader

I have always looked upon Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with respect and admiration.
His capability in leading the nation should not be doubted for he has done a brilliant job in leading Singapore to scale greater heights, making Singapore's future prospects brighter and allowing citizens to live on with their lives happily.

Leading his team, "People's Action Party", Mr. Lee has certainly shown amazing leadership in guiding his teammates to building a better Singapore together with his people. Even though he reigns as the Prime Minister, he does not neglect his citizens. More often than not, PM Lee puts in conscientious efforts to communicate with his people, and attend gatherings held by certain districts to come in closer contact with us Singaporeans.

The friendly smile he never fails to wear makes him a congenial and approachable person. People respect him, and he rules with conviction, not fear. Firm in his stands and policies that shall steer our nation in the right course, he simultaneously highlights concerns from the general public and addresses them - allowing the people to safely place their faith and trust in PAP and continue to give them their fullest support.

That is exactly what a leader should be. One that not only is able to lead, but more essentially, convince and persuade his people to agree with his ideas and infuse some of their proposals to his policies to ensure a better future for all and to let them know that they are valued and cherished.

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(Updated: October 22, 2012)

Don't You Wish Your PM Was Hot Like...

Is it just me or is our reigning PM kind of hot? He's tall, for starters. How many Singaporean Chinese men manage to grow taller than 1.68m? He has silver fox hair, just like George Clooney. No sign of a paunch, an achievement for any Singaporean male who is not still serving N.S. He looks great in white. He smiles a lot, especially when facing the camera during the run-up to election day.

H.R.M. Mr Lee is definitely a hottie. Regarding his choices when it comes to political agendas and spouses… I will have to quote the classic politician’s response to journalist enquiries: “NO COMMENT”.

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