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Lee Kuan Yew was the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, governing the country for three decades. He is recognized by many as the founding father of modern Singapore and can be attributed to a lot of her success.


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Father of Singapore

As much as we might not like or understand his rational for doing certain things, it is undeniable that Mr LKY has been the father figure and the leader of Singapore. Without his strict and no nonsense approach in the upbringing of Singapore, I don't think our nation will have the success and prosperous status that we enjoy today.

As LKY's baton was handed down, many questions were asked of PAP and whether they could still perform as well being the government of Singapore. I think that despite many so called "mistakes" or underachievement by PAP, they have been well trained and established by LKY, who set the standards for what a government should be. LKY was and is still a visionary, a well-respected man and his name will definitely be mentioned for many generations to come.

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Father of Singapore...?

I still remember walking through the National Museum of Singapore the other day (after entry was made free, of course - I'm as 'kiasu' as the next Singaporean around) and, going through the section featuring Singapore's development, I couldn't help but notice something - this man, this "great, visionary, competent, hard-headed" man as many would put it has a cult of personality around him.

Like, really.

Notice how he's hardly mentioned by name - and yet everyone knows that its him being referred to - or how he's omnipresent in every corner of the darn place. One does get tired of seeing his lovely face everywhere). Even my primary school social studies curriculum constantly harked over how competent he was and how crucial he was to Singapore's development and how much of a great man LKY is and how he loved Singapore so much. Who could forget the video of him sobbing manly tears after the separation of Singapore and Malaysia, eh?

I'm not an anti-PAP mongrel that's attempting to scrape at straws in order to defame the government, and neither am I one of those that are particularly against him and can only manage to squawk 24/7 about how he sued all his opponents and "omg sg wud b so mcuh better witohut [email protected]!#".

I admit he probably was in possession some of those qualities (visionary, competent, intelligent, hard-headed and rational, etc.), but I just find it more interesting how there's this permeating air of worship surrounding him - and I think it's possible that some of it could really be credited to simply hype/reputation.

Then again, I'm just a little kid who never even saw him in action, so I might be wrong. Here's to hoping the ISA doesn't black-bag me!

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One heck of a visionary

Sometimes one will never find out how important a person is to us till he or she is no longer around. I reckon that will be the case with Lee Kuan Yew. While many like myself respect the man for all that he has achieved for Singapore, I have heard of some who brush him off as outdated, power hungry and no longer relevant.

I worry for the future of Singapore not because I find our current crop of leaders unqualified to lead; I worry because I do not see a visionary within the ranks of our government in the mold of LKY.

Because of his foresight and ingenious ideas, Singapore will remain prosperous for many years to come. But beyond that, I really wonder who has that capability to take Singapore forward again.

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Father, retire!

This guy is the father of our country, no one can deny that. We are the affluent nation we are today because of him.

However, like the typical old man who is stubbornly possessive, the past few years saw him hanging on to power when he should've just let go. Minister Mentor?! Seriously, do we even need that title? We appreciate your mentorship, but can't you provide your advice behind the scenes instead?

The recent elections have seen him spout some tactless comments that didn't help his party one bit. Imagine if he is in some diplomatic meeting and instead of his party, he's representing Singapore on the world stage.

His accomplishments for our country is duly noted. He should retire now before he starts negating them.

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Yes & No

I definitely respect Mr Lee Kuan Yew because he is a key catalyst to Singapore's economic growth and social stability. Because of him, many of us- including me- live secure lives.

Mr Lee's pragmatic and conservative economic policies has worked, but he falls short in many non-pragmatic aspects. For example, his construction of the education system is rigid and overly rote-focused, and we students are sometimes taught to focus only on academics and work, which indirectly impacts our creative and emotional growth.

I believe that Singapore needs to improve in many emotional, creative, democratic and liberal areas. We have a good economy and a stable social function, but due to the dynamic global paradigm shifts, not all of Mr Lee's policies will remain effective in the future.

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Father of Singapore

It was very difficult to imagine what Singapore would be today if Mr Lee Kuan Yew had not declared our independence and started his own way of nation building. Mr Lee was a very strong leader and his no-nonsense style may have got himself many critics.

Mr Lee had very good foresight and most of his decisions were based on future rewards. A few of his policies may not be well accepted when they were first introduced but over the years, few would dare to argue that his policies were wrong, such was his ability to think ahead.

I think his best policy was for Singaporeans to go bilingual. I was in China recently and the people I met were all impressed by my bilingual abilities.

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Respectable Figure

This great leader is someone I really respect and admire. I really think that where Singapore is today is due to his hard work and determination. He have really set an example with his life as a public figure by living it in such a way that it is transparent to all Singaporeans and to the world as well. This, I believe, many have much to learn from him.

His choleric personality type, something that I greatly lack, is probably one of the main reasons for his success. Being so determined and head-strong, he overcame all difficulties and led Singapore to success. He is also really hard-working, having gotten much paper qualifications from Cambridge and even Harvard University. Even at the age where most people have retired, he still continued to serve Singapore and only stepped down a few years ago.

I believe many look up to this great political leader in Singapore, especially the older generation.

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Nation building to first world status

A lawyer by training, few would have expected Mr Lee Kuan Yew initially to dabble in politics. After all, politics is a messy business, especially in an era where communist ideologies threaten to consume Singapore. However, Mr Lee took Singapore all the way from the British era fortress and trading port it once was to the first world country it is today, a remarkable achievement in itself.

A charismatic and steady leader, Mr Lee has proven that he is effective in the backroom dealings in politics. Unlike games such as Age of Empires or the Total War series, where there are relatively few buttons to press to manage your state, Mr Lee had to deal with problems of all dimensions, from housing to healthcare to finance.

This is a renowned individual who has made a mark in history, there are many lessons that we can indeed learn from him

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The Combination of Foresight and Influence

The father of modern Singapore and most certainly, his mere appearance during our annual National Day Parades receive the most unanimous applause.

The majority of the younger generation marvel at his works, learning from a very early age through textbooks and autobiographies that he was and still is a great leader. We are astonished what he and his team achieved in the founding years of Singapore post independence and his steadfast loyalty to the wellbeing of every Singaporean. However, many of us, as a result of the comfort Singaporeans enjoy in the current day, fail to realize how much was done by such an important man.

Even as he approaches his elder years, his participation in acclimatizing new PAP members commands the respect of all and we should all salute Singapore’s figurehead.

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The king of kings

Mr Lee Kuan Yew to me, is probably the best politician there ever existed. His thoughts, actions and goals are of standards from a much higher thinking space. Trust me, we're lucky that he was born in our soil, because had it been anywhere else, we would've have become a plantation country.

Mr LKY was an educated man, so he had paper qualifications, but the thing that justifies him being the best politician ever has to be his street smartness. He knows how to play his cards right. He knows how to keep control of power and how to put out emerging fires that wanted to go against him. Trust me, this man is a political genius. His tenacity, determination and intelligence puts him on a whole new level. Just look at singapore now, we are a developed country with all the basic needs to live, we owe it all to Mr. LKY.

Just imagine had he had been born in one of the super powers, ( I'm not going to name any countries ) the world that we know of now, will not exist.

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