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The Worker's Party was set up by David Marshall in 1957, and currently led by Mr Low Thia Khiang.



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In any country, it is important to have more than one voice. This is to ensure that the status quo of the country rests not on only the views of one side but multi-faceted, diverse views. In Singapore, the Worker's Party leads the charge in lending an alternate voice to the People's Action Party, which has dominated the government since Singapore's independance.

Whilst its current proportion of seats held in parliament is dwarfed by that of the PAP, the Worker's Party has been vocal and instrumental in acting as a check and balance against the PAP, notably in areas of healthcare and education. Moreover, the willingness and sincerity of its MPs in getting down to earth with its constituents differs from that of the PAP, whom appears more aloof and distant.

My own constituency, Punggol-East SMC, was the lastest in a string of electoral victories by the Worker's Party, and this reflects in part of rising resentment and discontent on the ground such that they wanted to bring change and hope that somebody fresh would be able to take better care of their interests.

The Worker's Party will indeed play a significant role in Singapore's route to a multi-party democracy in the decades to come. It would be worthwhile to sit back and watch the show.

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Raising standards
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My initial impression of Worker's Party was that this party did not have a lot of highly educated members. Put it bluntly, this party consisted more members from the blue collars jobs. At that time, I had an image that some days a brawl will start in parliamentary meetings and it would be started by a member from this party. Something like those happening in Taiwan parliaments. It was something to do with the way Liu Cheng Qiang spoke.

My impression of the party changed during last election. I noticed they were able to bring in higher quality members and that may also be the reason why they won Aljunied GRC. Other than the Ah Beng style of Low Thia Khiang, they now have the scholarly style of Chen Show Mao. It looks to be a party that can really contest with PAP.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)
Not bad not bad
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The worker's party truly works hard, having captured 8 (i think? around there?) parliamentary seats. they have taken the power given to them and put it to good use. They are not randomly opposing the PAP and have an interesting purpose and direction.

Although I still trust the PAP more than the Worker's Party, I think that the concept of opposition will benefit Singapore in the future. The Worker's Party is suited to take the reins as the balancer to the vast power of the PAP, because they are now more organized, and currently have the most experience, of all the opposition parties, in the participation of the political processes in Singapore.

Maybe our country will turn into a two-party democracy? Ooohh interesting; I'm excited for the new few elections!

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)
The most credible of all the opposition
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For as long as I have lived, the opposition has always been seen to lack credibility and the proper skills in managing a constituency. Well gone are those days because, the Workers Party have done a good job thus far in Aljunid and Hougang to prove its doubters wrong.

Besides, the party does look and sound to be more sensible when debating matters in parliament. Party members of parliament have been able to draw a fine line between opposing for the sake of opposing and opposing for the greater good of Singaporeans. It does appear that the party adheres more to the latter and has done a decent enough job in asking all the tough questions pertaining to national issues.

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