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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 16, 2012    

Singapore Democratic Party was established in 1980 and led by Mr Chee Soon Juan.


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Not good impression

I had seen Chee Soon Juan in person before when he was distributing some political newspaper. He came across to me as a person that was very stressed. It seemed like he was eternally suffering under the rule of our current government. He was like a fanatic.

I guessed for many people, leaders represented the organisation and so with such a character as their leader, it was hard to see through to any political views that the party may have. The leader got more focus than the party and the focus was not the positive type. In a way, it becomes hard to win any votes unless from those die hard anti government voters, those voters that do not care who they vote for as long as it is not the government. Such voters should be rare now.

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Needs to stop relying on anti-government talk

I am all for political diversity both in terms of political opinion as well as representation in parliament. But having been following the recent elections, I can’t help but find the Singapore Democratic Party less credible and reliable than more established parties such as the PAP and the WP.

I guess most Singaporeans like myself are quite used to listening to anti government rhetoric reiterated at election rallies. I think by now we can discern for ourselves that the PAP has fallen short on certain national issues and can no longer enjoy the comfortable monopoly of the government.

Singaporean youths like myself are ready to vote for the opposition. But I will not do it unless I deem the party and the candidate(s) filled in my constituency to be trustworthy and capable. As such I do hope to see the very promising SDP work a little harder in formulating concrete plans instead on relying on anti government rhetoric to garner votes.

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