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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 16, 2012    

People's Action Party (PAP) is the ruling party in Singapore and set up back in 1954.


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stop complaining, and start appreciating

I might get pelted with insults for this – but I actually think Singaporeans should put themselves in the shoes of the PAP members before dishing out their complaints so readily. Simply put – ask yourself ‘What would you do, if you were them?’ before insulting the actions of PAP. Being a politician is not easy, (yes, I know – with great power comes great responsibility), but really now – the right choice is seldom the popular choice. Every decision the PAP makes, every policy they implement; they get angry comments from the left and right. Give them a break; I think they have done quite a splendid job since our independence from the British.

Having said that, yes I do agree that the PAP might be a tad too possessive. Not very democratic, eh? Yes, we have our fair share of freedom of speech. However, you can’t expect them to let us go around like some wild cats and insulting whatever they do as and when we like – before we know it, there will be total chaos because nobody believes in rules and self-control. You can’t expect the PAP to believe that everyone has enough self-control to discipline themselves in their freedom of speech, to say the right things at the right time.

I believe I need not touch on the cons of the PAP’s mindset, because everyone knows them. What I want to say – put yourself in their shoes before criticising them.

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