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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 24, 2013    

A 24 hour plumbing service that deals with chokages, repair and sink/tap/pipe replacement.

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24 hour plumbing

I found this company on google after my bathroom and kitchen was suddenly flooded at midnight and I needed a 24 hour plumber.

After a few mins of bargaining on the phone, Chris agreed on a price of $260 to fix the choke. After describing the problem, turns out in my case it was not a "simple choke" and therefore required the use of a machine to unclog the main pipe. It wasn't my fault either, some neighbour had choked the main pipe. Damn you neighbour!!!!

I found out he has done plumbing for 17 years and manages the company with his uncle. It sounds a bit expensive to me but I'm not sure exactly how much this is supposed to cost and did not want my house to be flooded by the money so agreed to it. He came with a really old machine and in the end could not fix it because the clogged pipe was actually at the main pipe intersection two floors down.

However, I am appreciative for him because he took it as his responsibility to fix it. He helped to call up the 24 hour "EMU" service which I never even knew existed. This EMU service deals with HDB chokages beyond the control of home owners at no charge. After explaining the problem to them, he supervised them for another hour and a half and making sure the problem was gone before leaving.

I thought that at the very least indicated very good after service. I still think it was expensive though because if it was the initial chokage that he thought it was, it would only have taken a maximum 10 mins of his time to unclog for $280. Perhaps you pay for the experience and expertise. Hmm I don't know!

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