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SingKids Playsystem is a chain of indoor playgrounds uniquely designed to stimulate children in a safe environment.  


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Never again!

As parents, we are always on the constant lookout for our kids and thus, a safe and fun environment such as indoor playgrounds are suppose to be the best mate for any parents.

However, after visiting a few other indoor playgrounds, Singkids is a definite flop. Visited Singkids at T3 and it was a major disappointment! Firstly, I totally dislike the fact that its small and you have to walk across to another small playroom for other games. And worst, the other playroom is so pathetically small and cramped!

Their service staff is a total turn-off, zero customer service and has NO concern about kids’ safety at all. I’m not sure if it’s due to weekends or what but there are too many over energetic children running around and knocking into anyone! I’ve to basically carry my toddler boy around for his safety! There are children who start throwing balls at other kids with the counter staff not doing anything despite many parents who went to complain.

I will never waste money on them again!

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Once bitten Twice Shy

I thought playground is the right place to socialise with others and how could any children not enjoy playground. I bought a painful lesson at $18 per hour.

The counter staff was the first hurdle, they could not careless about good service or child safety. It was a mad weekend and upon entering the place, the staff careless hit my daughter with the gate.

Chaotic arrangement of the play system was the next hurdle. Packed with over energetic children zooming around, I have to carry my daughter balancing myself on the merry-go-round to access the obstacle course system or the narrow entrance to the small balloon play area. There was some soft toys seating on the beam swinging like a see-saw, I was shocked to see how food was left on the bear and immediately moved my daughter away.

People seems to deposit their maids and children there. I would not go back there again for poor service, safety and hygiene.

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Not a cheap family entertainment

I considered it a luxury for my children to play in this playground. I was not a member so I paid $54 for my children to play for one hour.

To me, it was like any other playground except that it was very well padded. Every thing was cushioned so you did not have to worry about your children knocking on something hard. I think the playground was more fun for younger children, may be those in the pre-school or lower primary.

I always had to watch closely over my children when they played in the playground because they had a gang of three and sometimes with the strength in numbers, they got bolder and may get into conflicts with other children. It got tiring chasing them in this playground because there was so many variety of play that they did not stay still in one location for long. Luckily, I only paid for one hour.

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Great concept but typical playground dangers

Any parent who brings their kids to a playground worries about 2 things that might hurt their children: the playground itself, and other kids.

With SingKids, the playground itself is very safe. I brought my daughter to their branch at Vivo City and she enjoyed running about exploring the place. Every thing is padded, cushioned, or filled with air so that kids will not fall and injure themselves. The place is brightly colored and well-designed.

However, the designers can do nothing about dangerous kids or parents. Both times I brought my daughter there, she was frightened and bullied by rowdy boys (easily mistaken for psychotic monkeys) and even pinched by one despite us standing right in front of her. Fortunately, their parents were appropriately apologetic which avoided us getting into unpleasant situations.

Not every kid was that fortunate though. On New Year Eve, we witnessed a young girl slapping a boy while playing. His mother retaliated by slapping her back. Needless to say, the mothers of both kids got into a nasty argument with the fathers and even relatives getting involved and almost violent.

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