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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Sembawang Park is a tranquil park with distinct blue dice design, situated in the north of Singapore facing Johore straits. Sembawang area is named after the Sembawang Tree (Mesua ferruginea), which can be found at the car park C1. Nature blends in with history and heritage of this calm and serene park, away from the bustle of the city. The park boasts a beautiful beach side, which is a popular fishing ground and one of the few remaining natural beaches of Singapore. The park has interesting links to the naval history of Singapore; the Beaulieu House, the Sembawang jetty and the remains of the 1920s Seletar Pier still stand in the park, reflecting the past. The walkways inside the park are restored old pathways used during British occupation. The Sembawang Shipyard to the west of the park was a British Naval Base from 1938 to 1968. The park is also surrounded by other places of historical interest like the Admiralty House, Kampong Wak Hassan, Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang and Sembawang memorial.

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Sombre and peaceful

Sembawang Park is really a park unto its own. Set in a tranquil, lush landscape in Northern Singapore, you literally feel like entering a portal into another world as you walked into it. Moreover, the panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding islands is indeed a sight to behold, something to rival Punggol point!

The first thing I look for in a park would be the running trail and the fitness corner. i found running to be a pretty good choice of activity here due to the lush, scenic environment and cooling air.The fitness corner was satisfactory with most of the equipment i'd need for a proper workout. However, I had a minor annoyance upon discovery that the pull up bars have poor grip hence rendering me unable to hit or try to surpass my usual limits.

Cycling wise would be quite a challenge since I live in Sengkang and would need to cycle to Yio Chu Kang before going up, which I'd reckon would take a solid 2-3 hours and another such time frame to get back. Moreover, some portions of the park connector was poorly demarcated and the crowds of people especially in the area of Khatib MRT made it unconduicive for safe cycling.

Overall though, a park worth a visit!

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(Updated: March 05, 2013)

More lights please!

Sembawang Park is certainly a convenient venue to launch a game of potlucks and picnics just like I did. It was spacious and the venue wasn't over crowded. There wasn't even a need for parasols to shield ourselves away from the scorching sun there! The canopy of leaves from the humongous trees that towered there were sufficient in blocking out most of those UV radiated rays. Hence, this venue is certainly not one where I was sweat pro-fused thanks to its cooling environment that conquered Singapore's usual sweltering hot temperatures!

Unfortunately, it was slightly eerie come night fall. I recalled scurrying to a nearby bus stop. We packed in a rush as we found ourselves being enveloped in darkness. Some of my friends even relied on the lights emitted from phones! More publicity and lightings should be installed for this particular park to be lighted up with a liveliness at night!

The taxis were a rare sighting there too! We resorted to dialling the hotline number for Comfort Delgro Cabs. Our wallets began weeping thanks to the additional fare derived from the cab call!

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The temperature there!
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A surprise encounter

It was during one of my cycling trips when I visited Sembawang park. After a long and tiring ride from my house to sembawang area, it was really very refreshing when we chanced upon this park with such a strong sea breeze!

Thinking that it was just a “normal” park, I really didn’t expect to be so close to the sea. However, the park is really under-developed as compared to its sister parks, like East Coast Park. There is practically no facility there, which also explains why my friend and I bumped into this park by chance.

All in all, a surprising encounter with a park so near the sea, but with its potential untapped. Hopefully there will be construction to build more amenities there!

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The colonial story

I once tried to write a pan-asian story - one with western morales, forms and ideas, but in a very local context. The story had pontianaks, Jinns and mysterious gardeners, and the concept was crucially centred around the feel of a place a stone's throw away from where I used to live in Sembawang.

That magical place is not Sembawang park itself, but the colonial houses nearby. Intertwining roads that meander through expat houses too large and expensive for a local to even dream of, the superior air of the estate climaxes at King's road. That was where I'd take my routine, daily walks to the MRT station, admiring the black and white houses pressed against the sky like models in a giant pop-up book. In the morning, the air was ice cold, untouched by the heat and noise of our population. A thin fog would hover above the ground, giving an even more out-of-this-world experience. And so, the idea of my book had awoken. Of course, I found myself lacking in time, discipline and talent. Hence, the book remained as a young boy's wild imagination. But if you ever have the chance, wake up one morning, drive down to Sembawang park and as you pull into the first car-park, you'll find the beautiful, mysteriousness of the colonial houses seep into your consciousness.

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Sit back and relax, with the sea under your feet

Sembawang Park is quite a distance from Bedok, so it's no surprise that I am not a frequent visitor here. The few times I did come here was always at night. It was always high tide and the beach was always swallowed by the sea. Hence, I have never seen Sembawang sand before.

Driving in by the road, I always felt that Sembawang Park was one long, dark and deserted place.. until you reach the sea. Then, it suddenly becomes alive with anglers, couples and groups of friends chatting around everywhere. If you can manage to find an empty spot at the sea wall, you could literally sit down with the sea just under your feet - something you don't get to do much in Singapore. Watching the sea at such a low point of view is a pretty cool experience!

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childhood memories

Whenever I flip through my childhood photos, I can always see that Sembawang Park had been the background for mostly my childhood photos, maybe about forty-percent.

I went there recently with my brother and his friends for his birthday celebration. We’ve got barbeque Pit 11 as it is not located near any barbeque pit, so if we are too loud, we wouldn’t get any complains.

It is exceptionally dark at night, so it is very dangerous if you go alone. But if you want to go there at night, maybe bring extra torch-light and batteries if you want some light.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

For now, don't bother to go

Before we start, a few qualifying remarks are necessary. First, this reviewer have found great enjoyment and peace while visiting parks. However there is one that I will never see- Sembawang Park.

To start off, the park doesn't look appealing at all. It looks abandoned and dull. The sand is filled with debris and don't even get me started on the sea... Bottles, plastic bags were seen floating. It was a rather disheartening sight. Of course, this is mainly because of litter bugs, which is something I don't understand as there's a lot of dustbins around.

Unlike other parks with colourful and bright see-saws, swings etc, Sembawang Park seemed pretty lacked in this area. Few children were seen.

Thankfully, the park is currently under construction. Hopefully, more accessible facilities will be provided like playgrounds, for instance. Most importantly, the sea really needs some cleaning work, badly.

A wait and see.

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