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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Developed with the theme "Family Leisure", this park has many facilities to cater to the young and old . The play and fitness equipment for active recreation, open lawn areas for picnics or kite flying, a wooded area for leisurely strolls, a plaza area for taiqi and a community corner for relaxing can be enjoyed by all members of the family. The park has two distinctive zones, i.e, the Southern Active Zone where the features for major activities are provided, and the densely forested area in the north of the pond, which forms the "Passive Zone" where one can engage in passive form of recreation.

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Trip down Memory Lane

Punggol park has been around since my primary school days. I would walk past this park whenever I made my way home from school and take in the sights of joggers and people sitting around fishing but never venturing there by myself.

Only from secondary school days, then I started exploring the park with my girlfriends. Each of us had celebrated at least one birthday there with our classmates. Oh, I'll never forget the cake throwing, flying potato chips, and fizzy gassy drinks which spurted out of shaken bottles all thanks to some overzealous party-goer in our group! Of course, we had to clean up after that but hey, it was all in the name of good, clean fun!

Easily accessible by foot, car and public transport, Punggol Park remains popular as it has a really large compound and there are plenty of joggers in the early mornings and late evenings. There is a bicycle rental kiosk there too. You can easily fill your tummy at a 24 hours coffee shop just across the street. Well, that will be another yummy review altogether!

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A well compacted pleasure

It was one of the places I was most familiar with since childhood, was Punggol Park. My prime pleasure then was to visit the playground and the swing area, where i'll build sandcastles as I'm afraid of the swings.
As I grew older, it became the site of my IPPT trainings, with a track of 1.1km, I'll complete 2-3 rounds to train for my 2.4km run. At the 700m mark, theres a fitness corner which boasts of the standard pull-up bars, sit-up benches and some obstacles like the parallel bars which soldiers like us have come to be familiar with. Lately, there have been refurbishments to the place. For starters, the fitness corner has been outfitted with exercise equipment suitable for the elderly. There was also a new path laid in the midst of the greenery, allowing one to further immerse oneself more deeply within it.

The big rectangular square near Wild Honey (The prices there are outrageous, you'll be better having your meal at the hawker centre opposite the road), is a favourite spot for the seniors to practise tai-chi, sunday classes in roller-blading are also offered there.

The biggest feature, however, was the lake. Filling up almost half of the park's total area (it was never really that big to start with), its a haven for fishermen and unfortunately a favourite site for people to release their terrapins and their fishes back into the while. Hence, don't be surprised to see an apparent household pet feeling at home there.

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What used to be a swamp

When I attended Montfort Junior School in 1984, what is now Punggol Park was then a swamp. There was a rotting remains of a large wooden boat where the carpark is now. I remember it fondly as I used to play around the swamp together with the other boys from my school.

My school is no longer there, now a convent is standing on the former premises but the church and seminary are still there. Nowadays, I'd run a couple of loops around the Punggol Park to chalk up extra kilometres and a quick pit-stop at the toilet before heading up Sengkang Rd West towards Punggol.

It's a pretty basic park, no pretty frills but one that has childhood memories for me.

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Part and parcel of my life

Its funny how Punggol Park is located in Hougang instead of Punggol.

Alright jokes aside, going to this park has been part and parcel of my life. Living near Punggol Park has provided me with a convenient sanctuary to have my evening jogs, giving me peaceful time for myself. However, I am sometimes deprived of the chance to use the facilities provided because others are using them during the peak hours. I have tried the food at Wild Oats, a restaurant in Punggol Park and it was really good. Good service and good food - what more can you ask for after a tiring exercise?

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I adore parks. The grittier, the better. Although it may be on the smaller side, it's generally rather peaceful. Perhaps it's because I popped in on a Monday afternoon.
Regardless, continuing on to the park connectors, you will soon be free of buildings and cars! Walking alongside the river was incredibly delightful and one is able to really find a spot somewhere to sit and stare across to the small island (which you can get to if you walk far enough).
There are plenty of benches and sit down grass spots everywhere. And if you really want to meet some older folks who talk to birds, go on a weekday afternoon where they share a conversation with the wildlife. Sounds creepy but quite cool, honestly. :)

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Mosquito galore!

One thing you'll notice when you hang out by the lake. Oh wait it just became two. Now three. That one little issue has turned into a swarm of bloodsucking pests eager for dinner.

Now I may be exaggerating a little, but I can't help but notice the sheer amount of mosquitoes around evening time. Sure it may be their biological cycle, but I'm surprised that NEA hasn't done anything about it. Be it jogging around the park, having a BBQ, or just resting there enjoying the cool evening air, my legs tend to be filled with bites in a matter of minutes.

Other than the insect issue, I really love this place. Living in Hougang, Punggol Park is a green gem in the midst of an urban jungle.

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(Updated: October 13, 2012)

Easily accessible from Hougang

Punggol Park probably isn't the biggest park, but it is big enough to have a slow walk some time in the day or night and just relax and look around you and appreciate nature for a moment.

It is also an ideal park for a jog or run, or training for your 2.4km run, as it has markers for every 100m of distance. The total distance around the park is 1.2km per round, so it's a good idea to practice here!

I personally like Punggol Park for its ease of access around Hougang, as there are buses that stop in front or opposite it. Punggol Park itself has a sea-side restaurant with dine-in facilities, as well as a shop that rents out bikes and rollerblades.

Outside Punggol Park, you can easily go to a coffee shop that is directly opposite the bus stop at Punggol Park (there is another bus stop at the coffee shop's side), so if the restaurant there is too costly for you, you can always turn to the coffee shop for a drink or some food, or even walk or take a bus down to Hougang Mall instead! It's really convenient in my opinion.

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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

What a gem!

I've never been a park person. Oh, I've never been an outdoors person at all, at least not until recently. I have always been familiar with Punggol Park, it sits in my neighbourhood just a stone's throw from my house. But being the type of person that hisses at sunlight, I seldom venture into it.

Recently, though, I (reluctantly) decided to pick up jogging, and began heading to Punggol Park daily. In the evenings, the park is pleasantly filled with families, lone adults, and the elderly. Compared to the stifling crowds of relatively more large scale parks like East Coast Park, Punggol Park has a warm and friendly environment, with no hint of cigarette smoke, BBQ parties gone wild, or anything of the sort.

The park has a nice, winding route for jogging and cycling, circling around a pristine lake that is breathtakingly beautiful when the sun is setting. It is also well-equipped with playground facilities with swings and good old-fashioned sand. Further in the park, there is a fitness corner for the elderly.

Benches, tables and shelters are abundant in this park, so one will never have to remain standing while doubled over with fatigue from all that jogging. Some are strategically placed facing the lake, and is a great spot for some quiet time.

The park also has a restaurant called Wild Oats, which serves alcohol and an array of good food. This makes the park an excellent place for not only sports, but also a romantic hangout, or perhaps a place you go with your friends when you are tired of the city.

Punggol Park essentially returns to the basics of a good park: adequate facilities, convenient layout and design, not over-hyped with too many activities going on at one time etc.

If you know someone who isn't an outdoors person, take them to Punggol Park. Have them sit down at the lake and watch the sunset. And then, perhaps, they will realize how much they are missing out on.

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great place to be in the evenings

punggol park is located somewhere in hougang rather than in punggol. It's quite accessible, within walking distance to hougang mall/hougang central and there's also a bus stop that stops right in front of the place.

The park looks very pretty in the evenings. The park is a medium-sized park. It has a huge pond in that takes up the center of the park and a running/cycling track of about 1.2km surrounds the pond. The park also has a playground for kids and a fitness corner. The park has pavilions along the running route and also benches and even a few barbecue pits.

Quite recently, the restaurant wild oats opened for business at punggol park. this definitely value-adds to punggol park. A nice dinner followed by a stroll in the park would be awesome.

The park is usually quite crowded earlier in the evening with small children and families who live in the area. however, the park is not well-lit at all at night so it's not advisable to stay till too late. Lastly, as of the last time i've been there, the toilets at the park are quite dirty and old.

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Great place for cycling

Every once in a while, my friends and I would go cycling at Pasir Ris Park but having cycled the same route countless times, we naturally got bored of it. So, we decided to head over to Punggol Park and we were glad we made the trip. We were actually even a little disappointed we took so long to discover this place!

We cycled from Punggol Park to the new (and developing) Punggol Waterway Park. We were pleased to find that instead of a typical straight cycling path, the track here had a couple of slopes that went under bridges and past lakes! We were also constantly surrounded by greenery and by greenery, I mean bushes and shrubs, not just tall trees with fallen leaves.

Most of the areas along the track are still under construction as they will be building more zones for recreational activities. I would suggest going there in the evening, when the weather would not be too hot. Also, remember to bring along a filled water bottle if you plan on cycling! Even though we managed to find a few vending machines along the way, they were not able to dispense anything.

Overall, it is a great way to have fun with your friends while exercising at the same time! My friends and I barely noticed that we cycled a total of 16km because the scenery is constantly changing and we were always eager to find out where the next turn will lead us.

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