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Old Upper Thomson Road Singapore
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The Lower Peirce Reservoir is Singapore's second oldest reservoir. It was built by impounding the upper reaches of the Kallang River and comissioned in 1912. The forest that lines its banks is considered a mature secondary rainforest. It is still dotted with numerous rubber trees and oil palms - visible reminders of the past when vast areas of Singapore were covered with plantations. The park not only provides a welcome oasis of tranquility for stressed-out individuals, the dense forests surrounding the reservoir also serve as an important refuge where many rare animal and plant species find shelter. The reservoir park area is an idyllic setting for picnics and to enjoy the scenery; trails through the rainforest offer plenty of opportunities for first-hand encounters with Singapore's amazing wildlife. Just keep your eyes open - and you might even spot a colugo hanging on a tree trunk!

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Far from the maddening crowd

When I first walked to this park (yes walked, it is only 4 kms from the nearest bus stop on Upper Thomson Road) I literally went: wow! It is really beautiful. The reservoir (may I call it a lake?) stretches off into the distance shrouded in forested slopes. The park itself is well kept and adorned with flowers and shrubs.

You can just picnic there and be delighted that such a lovely place exists. Walk across the dam wall that keeps the Upper Pearce from the Lower Pearce reservoirs and marvel at how well maintained the public park area is kept. There is a golf course on the far side of the dam wall, off limits, supposedly, but if you push aside a few bushed=s you crowding the fence built to keep out the non members, you can get in.

But why would you want to? If you walk back, a couple of roads lead off to you left and are worth exploring, with paths leading down to the waters edge and two points. One odd thing. I took one road which climbed up a hill into the forest. t ended in what looked like a football field. Why put one here?

There was a time, till early 2013, when you could also take a path through the forests across to AMK. Sadly, the powers that be had blocked it off with yet another wire fence. Impenetrable? No. Just follow it round to the south and you are on your way, which might not be a good idea if the army are using the area for live firing exercises.

I wish that more forest walks could be created for Singaporeans. I know there are several, but there is so much scope for more, and this would bean ideal place to start expanding the network.

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Beautiful Scenery!

This is my favorite park. Not only do you see humans here, but you see the park populated with monkeys. As you follow the path, on your right, there is a beautiful horizon across the water. This is a good place to take a nice long walk and calm your senses. Perfect for couples! On the left of the path, there is a lot of space for people to have picnics or play soccer! Beautiful place for the family! But beware, do not bring plastic bags filled with food instead, put them in a bag pack so that monkeys won't be attracted and start attacking you!

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Have a picnic but beware of monkeys!

I had a picnic here once and it was an overall good experience as it was scenic and the weather was good. One bad thing was that my food was stolen by a monkey that laughed at us after climbing onto the tree. That was certainly a highlight of my picnic there.

I live near Peirce reservoir and thus have been there many times. Kite flying, just a quick walk etc. There's a trail that you can follow to upper Peirce but beware of wild boars! Not long ago there were many sightings of wild boars at lower peirce resevoir and I suggest that you trek / picnic in a group as there are also many monkeys.

Overall, a great place to be at for a day out - A picnic, photograph session, trekking. Great views especially in the evening. Not a good place to be at night though !
(Bus 167,169 drops outside the area near the petrol kiosks, take a walk in)

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Good food + Scenery = Paradise

Possibly one of the most oldest parks all time round, the Lower Peirce Reservoir Park is certainly a favourite spot for Singaporeans. What I like best is that there are dense forests surrounding it. Joggers don't have to worry about the weather getting too hot, or getting a heat stroke(touch wood!) as the trees usually provide shade.

True to their words, the park does indeed provides a welcome oasis of tranquility for stressed-out individuals. We all agree that going to a park and spending time in nature, watching the clouds or taking time to go some place where the view will be spectacular helps us to de-stress. Even though I'm not much of a runner, I enjoy going there. Have you seen the view?

The park is also full of surprises. Who knows, if you're lucky, you might spot a colugo! It won't be easy though. I've been there around 5 times now, but I've only seen the furry one 2 times. Bummer...

The park area is an ideal spot for picnics as well. As I like to call it, Good food + Scenery = Paradise.

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