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Tampines Eco Green is an eco-friendly park that offers a sanctuary for flora and fauna and a place for nature recreation. A haven for biodiversity, the park has various natural habitats namely open grasslands, freshwater wetlands and secondary rainforest. The park is also well linked by the park connector to Tampines Biking Trail and Sun Plaza Park.


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paradise for bird-watchers and nature-lovers

Tampines Eco Green is one of the East’s best kept secrets. Walking through nature is extremely therapeutic and offers an temporary respite from the noise of the city, and Tampines Eco Green is a lush, tranquil gem amid the concrete sprawl.

Fair warning though, since it’s an eco-friendly park there are no lights after dark, the only toilet available is the eco-toilet which can’t be flushed, and you can’t cycle or bring pets into the park. It’s a lot of rules, but they’ll go a long way in the long-term conservation of the park and I admire how NParks has made a concerted effort to incorporate eco-friendly features. The park’s open grasslands, freshwater wetlands and secondary rainforest are home to a huge biodiversity. Some areas have much less trees and wider paths, and so don’t have much shade, but the wider paths make the park wheelchair accessible too.

At any time of the day Tampines Eco Green is generally quite empty, apart from the occasional birdwatcher. Granted, the carpeted grass and well-maintained greenery does move away from the naturalness of the park, but once you’re in the park it’s so easy to immerse yourself in nature and escape from the urban jungle outside.

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Eco? More like Errkoh!

ON the plus side, this park is a step in the right direction. It uses otherwise vacant swampland for recreation. I like that. There are many areas of Singapore where something similar could be done so easily and without the excesses that mar Eco Park.

Where? For starters: Between Bayshore and Upper East Coast Road; at several spots near Lor Halus in Pasir Ris, in teh vacant triangle between Holland Road, Clementi Road and Bukit Timah Road, and for good measure, around the zoos. But many of these areas are marked with signs warning you that you will be shot if you enter.

It seems to me that a rough path cut through these areas would be lovely to provide cheap, easily accessed and delightful forest walks.

I said cheap. What they have done in the Eco Park at Tampinese does not work for me. The idea is great, but tehe essence of bush experience is this: you need narrow, winding paths that meander. You do not need six meter wides swathes in a straight line, with four metre swathes leading off to supposed bird watcher keeps and the like. And you don't need lights.

A toilet maybe, and the one at the Eco Park is commendable: environmentally responsible, no less.

the issue is this. If you are walking through a forest, albeit secondary swamp, why should the sun beat down on you all the time? Why clear out the trees/Leave them? They provide shade.

That is something of which Singapore needs a lot.

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Why isn't it naturally famous?

Tampines Eco Green was a venue that epitomises the word 'Nature'. I wasn't fond of nature previously. Personally, nature was equivalent to mosquito bites and bees buzzing. However, my perceptions were switched to a positive one when I was dragged to this venue one day.

The birds were chirping and Tampines Eco Green seemed to exude a sense of serendipity! I was astonished. I didn't know such a location that encapsulates tranquility could exist in Singapore. Singapore is after all, the epitome of workaholics that hustled and bustled daily. It is hardly a country where foreigners in search of a retreat, would choose to pay a visit for. Why isn't this place famous? It was hardly mentioned anywhere be it the papers or television! Such an underdog.

Oh yes and my phone pinged amidst the symphony of rustling leaves and chirping birds. It was such a foreign sound there! Ringing and pinging phone tones seemed to be a crime there! It seemed akin to contributing some sort of noise pollution. How refreshingly queer.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

`For all you nature lovers

If you happen to be a fan of flora and fauna, this is definitely a place for you to visit. Seriously, I cannot describe how peaceful and beautiful the atmosphere is in this eco garden! You can temporarily escape the fast-paced busy lifestyle and just enjoy the best nature has to offer. There are many informative signboards on the different types of plants in the garden and you will definitely learn a thing or two. It has a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere and you will definitely be impressed by the eco garden.

The best times to visit the place would be in the morning where the air is at its freshest or in the evening where the weather is just right. You can even enjoy a nice romantic picnic whilst watching the sunset! Just be sure not to litter the place!

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Au Naturel~

This park doesn't look like much from the outside. In fact, it looks just like another part of the forest, until you notice the dismal looking shelter and some wooden signboards further in. Even then, it still doesn't look like much at all. I suddenly realized that what I'm seeing is not actually a park. It's an Eco Green!

Almost everything is ecological about this place, and everything else is green. The moment you step in, you'll notice that the walkway is green. Yes, the main path that you follow in order to explore the whole park is only subtly discernible from the surrounding grass by its grass type. How cool is that?! Along with the experimental eco-toilet that doesn't flush, the park also uses bioswales as drainage channels and is home to various natural habitats and their wildlife.

However, the park is just not meant to be visited in the afternoon. At the burning hour of 1.30pm, there was no shade to be found anywhere except in shelters that are just too far away for someone melting in the sun. The Tampines Eco Green is so eco-friendly that NParks decided not to put a carpark in there or have any lighting installed. Thus, I fail to understand why, after all this effort to make the environment look as natural as possible, NParks opt to design the shelters as blocky concrete structures that immediately reminds me of NS training sheds.

Still, despite my ranting, this is an awesome place that is worth visiting because it's probably going to be your closest experience with nature other than being hopelessly lost in the woods.

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In love with this nature (:

I was so excited when I know that such an eco-friendly park is going to be built for nature lovers like be. What's more? It is easily accessible as it is located about 20min walk from Tampines station. It is also in the middle of park connector between Sun Plazza Park and Pasir Ris Park.

My first visit there was night time at arounf 9pm. It was after a pretty heavy rain and there were no lamp posts in the park at all. I really appreciate the darkness (Don't worry, it's not pitch dark) while walking around the trail with just a phone torch light application. The sounds of insects resonate around me as I walked quietly, cherishing the moment to the fullest.

Where can I find such a place in the midst of heartland full of concrete forests? Where can I get to feel the wet grass while admiring the peace of my surroundings under the moonlight? "This is the place." I thought. I felt that the wonderful experience cannot be fully described with merely these words. It is definitely a place worth experiencing yourself.

Visiting the garden during the day time is just as beautiful as the place is definitely a place for photographers to snap as many pictures as they like with just Mother Earth.

Some advice to those who do not wish to get their clothes and shoes dirty, do not visit after the rain as the ground are muddy and get splashed to your clothes especially when you are wearing slippers. (That happened to me!) Other than that, I think it is really a great attempt by the government to build such a place.
Thumbs up!

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