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This park is a prominent and well-known feature of the Civic District because of the civilian War Memorial fondly referred to as "The Chopsticks". The 61-metre tall memorial comprises four columns, which represent the four races, joined at the base signifying the unity of all races and is dedicated to the civilians of all races who were victims of World War II. 

In 1962, a large number of remains belonging to civilian victims were unearthed in areas like Siglap, Changi and Bukit Timah. The need grew to gather these remains from all over the island and to find a place to bury them as a symbolic act of remembrance. The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce undertook this responsibility. 

In 1963, the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew set aside the present piece of land for the building of a memorial. Upon its completion in 1967, the memorial was officially unveiled by the then Prime Minister Lee, who laid a wreath on behalf of the Government and the people of Singapore. On 15 February every year, memorial services opened to the public are held at the park. 

Today, the park is characterised by open lawn areas with Gnetum gnemon (Melinjau) trees lining the walkway leading up to the memorial from the four corners of the park. Around the memorial is a pond.

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Memorable memorial

War Memorial Park has that four pillars which towers up high bearing names of the chivalrous soldiers that were victims of the war. History is definitely no forte of mine. I do not scour Singapore grounds in search of traces of the past. Somehow, this memorial differed. I was spurring with curiosity every time my vehicle sped pass it. Finally, I decided to explore the contents of this very memorial.

The towering pillars seemed to plunge into the puffy marshmallow clouds when I stood before it. The atmosphere there was aptly mellow. I can't resist the urge to thank these soldiers who conquered all odds, maybe literally. It ignited the patriotic in me. National Day was nearing the corner. After paying a visit to the War Memorial Park, I sang the national anthem full of gusto with a new found interest for Singapore's history embedded within me!

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I came here a few years ago with my school as part of a History field trip. It was quite the experience for me, as the war I'vệ heard so much about seemed to come to life, seemed to be so real, when I saw the tombstones with names, and some without names. The size of the war memorial only made me realize how many people died during the war, that helped Singapore become who she is today.

Even though I do not personally know anyone who has died in the war, I'm sure there are many, many families who lost a loved one through then war, and this war memorial means so much to them, more than it will ever mean to me. I like coming here, as the place provides a atmosphere of peace and serenity, reminding Singaporeans of the people who took one for the nation, and for us to be eternally-grateful to these people.

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(Updated: February 27, 2013)

These Wars We Fight

I'd never really understood its existence when I was younger. I knew it's a war memorial, but why remember such an awful period of time that our current generation cannot even relate to? But now I get it. Everyone has wars, but only a few are known. And when a war is physical and known, it gives people the chance to prove themselves. Perhaps it's important not to be strong, but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once in your life (from into the wild).

The men that fought in the war did that. Perhaps we cannot relate to their times, way of life, and worldview, but we certainly can relate to their humanity, pain, and inert need to be bigger than we are right now. So if you do walk past this strange limb, look at your wars and remember the many others who've gone before you. You're not the only human to feel pain, you're not alone.

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Resting in Peace

The unique aesthetic appearance of the memorial is most familiar to me in primary school when the whole class was tasked to recreate a model of it out of clay during art lesson.

When I finally got around to visit this memorial many years later, it strikes me as a very peaceful and tranquil place. Landscaping were minimal and formal in the park, deferring to the monument they surround. I particularly like the idea of the cross that can be appreciated visually when you are standing right in the middle of the monument looking up.

Quiet and respectful, the War Memorial Park is truly a place where the dead can rest in peace after living through the horrors of war.

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In memory of...

The War Memorial Park is largely empty and deserted, save for the occasional tourist or class of students, and there is an air of serenity surrounding the place.

I once had a mini picnic in the park with my best friend, and we had an amazing time because there was plenty of shade and it was very quiet with no one around to disturb us. The War Memorial Park almost guarantees privacy.

It is so small I would not really call it a park, but would make an interesting visit as it reminds Singaporeans of arguably the darkest era in Singapore history. Civilians in that period suffered greatly and this War Memorial stands to remind us of how lucky we are to be living in peacetime, and also to cherish what we have now. It is worth a visit or two, but perhaps not often, since there is really not much to do there.

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Peaceful & Educationa Journey

I always visit the War Memorial Park because of school excursions back in my primary and secondary school days, and still visit the park for other purposes, such as assignment-related reasons in polytechnic. Most notable for this place would be 'the chopsticks', as seen in the picture above.

Although it is surrounded by bustling streets and shops, there is always this peaceful feel whenever I walk around the War Memorial Park, and I tend to pause at every memorial statue to read about each one of them. I'll admit though that sometimes just looking around and reading for the most of your time can get a little boring, but I make up for that by appreciating the design on some of the stones and statues, as well as the nature of the park.

I hardly see myself coming by here often because firstly, it is far, and secondly, it can be boring to come by too many times. Once in a blue moon is fine, and can be refreshing if you make your visits rare. Of course, I guess the easiest reason to go would be due to school work and research, etc, but if you have never been there or have never actually looked or even stood around, you should find time to do so! Grab a friend if you fear being bored, and maybe the peacefulness and knowledge will grow on you eventually...

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(Updated: November 03, 2012)


I have a thing for war monuments - they showcase a brutal part of our past, and as a memorial of those who have sacrificed to defend their motherland, there is that little part of me that respects and goes out to them.

The war memorial park is probably Singapore's most famous war monument. Those who have fallen in battle during WW2 are immortalised here, and remembered for their brave deeds during a terrible time. Time seems to stay still here, it is just so serene and peaceful, a great respite from the bustle and hustle of city life. Spend an hour or two here, and imagine yourself in their shoes all those years ago.

Would you have stayed and fought, knowing your fate?

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This monument does not seem very attractive or eye-catching at first glance but on a closer look and deeper exploration, I came to understand the beauty of this simple place.

White tower erected in front of Suntec City Mall, this monument holds the names of fallen soldiers and the translations of the description of this tower. Standing in the middle of the tower, when you look up, the shape of the cross is being hollowed out on the wall above.

This place beings about a serenity that is lost in time, standing in the middle of busy city scrapes and fast moving traffic. Definitely worth the educational history of Singapore walk.

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