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Sunplaza park Tampines Avenue 7, Tampines Avenue 9 Singapore
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Located at Tampines Avenue 7 and 9, the 9.6-hectare park has its characteristic bright colours and dynamic symbols to greet the visitors. The introduction of Tampines Tree (Streblus elongatus) to the park helps to remind visitors where the new Tampines Town derives its name.   The focus of the park is a circular SunPlaza with a prominent Sun Motif displayed in the centre of the Plaza.

The amphithreatre can hold a capacity of 700 people and acts as an activity core within the park. With a stage, seating areas and ample space for large crowds, the SunPlaza can be used for outdoor concerts, exhibitions, band performances, and family or group functions.   One distinguishing feature is the Sense Discovery Garden with 10 stations of interactive play features. There are textured walls, talking tubes, chimes, a tumbler and organic texture walk, an entry sign with recessed wordings and symbols, ladder wall, sliding beads, herbal wall and "toes" for park users to experience intriguing sounds and other sensations.  

SunPlaza Park also has a Beach Ball court and Woodball Course. The Woodball Course consists of twelve fairways, built to comply with internationally accepted standards, and it has played host to a number of local and international woodball tournaments.   SunPlaza Park is a relaxing point for the crowd for the eastern region of Singapore. Park visitors can cycle and jog from Bedok Reservoir Park to the north coast at Pasir Ris Park, via SunPlaza Park using the park connector network.

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Sunny plaza especially during the weekends

Sunplaza Park brims with joyous squeals and buzzing chatter every weekend. However, it isn't exactly cluttered with human beings whenever weekdays dawn. It is in fact rather eerily silent when the place is deserted! The trees seemed to be whispering to one another. The barren path seemed like it had been abandoned for years. Sun Plaza park seemed to be clouded with gloominess. However, it befitted it's name the moment weekends arrive.

I adore the accessible bicycle kiosk situated there. It isn't exactly pricey as compared to those kiosks I came across at East Coast Park. The paths there are also ideal for bike rides. The normal bicycles I mean. It is definitely no venue where mountain climbers go to in search for rough terrains. The paths there has been tarred for a smooth journey. Definitely the ideally accessible park for a casual two wheeled session!

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Bicycle kiosks
Sunplaza Park
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I was born in England, but I grew up here, in Singapore. More specifically, Tampines. I've always been the kid who'd wander off on some child like adventure, hoping to find something interesting to curb the boredom of a Singaporean kid's life. I remember Sunplaza park through the lenses of a 9 year old.

At one point (not sure if they're still there), there were playground dinosaurs. And while presumably smaller than a normal dinosaur, they were live sized to 9 year old me. I remember climbing and swinging around them, feeling the dry slippery surfaces rush past me as I slid down their backs. So when I think back of sun plaza Park, I think of the innocence of childhood. So if you're a parent, who stumbled upon my two cents on parenting (I'm no expert), there's only one time in life, where everything's bigger, adventures were safer, and card board boxes were actually entertaining. Don't rob your child of that.

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Rope Climbing!

Despite it's run-down appearance, I like this park. It may be one of the more deserted parks around, but that is definitely a plus point for me. Sadly, the dilapidated facilities there gives the park a bad image. It makes it look like the park's trying too hard to lure in the crowds, without success.

This park reminds me of Changi Beach before it was revamped into the amenities-filled attraction we know today. Except that the old Changi Beach wasn't trying to fit in at all. It was happy being the way it is, all but forgotten by NParks, and people like me flocked to it anyway.

Sunplaza Park does have a facility I like though, and that is the rope climbing structure in the playground, the one we used in SOC. You won't believe how rare it is to find these things in a public park nowadays.

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Just a meeting point

No offence to anyone but this park really needs a makeover. The park seems almost dead, except for a few couples making the most of the serenity of the place and passing MRT trains. The amphitheater, pretty pathetic now to be called even an open space, invites skaters and cyclist. The weekends bring about some life in the day but by the afternoon, the place is dead again.

Somehow, sunplaza park is a total opposite of how it is in the day during the night. In the day, you can see people jogging, children playing in what is probably one of the last few sand playgrounds, old folks doing their slow motion dance routines and cyclist. There is a water-cooler there, which should just be called a water dispenser because the water is never cold. There are BBQ pits but I've never seen them being used before, and the place is filled with blood thirsty Mosquitos.

In conclusion, head over to sunplaza park, if you wanna hanky panky, rent bicycles or feel like donating blood.

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Having stayed with an aunt who lived in a HDB flat right above Sunplaza Park in the past, I am certainly no stranger to this park - though it can hardly be considered one, as it is ridiculously small, and can merely be considered a park connector at best.

I wouldn't recommend coming down to this park specially. Perhaps it would suffice for a leisurely jog for residents nearby, or for a quick stop for long distance cyclers to fix up their bikes or rest for a short while, but I don't think it would make a good place for a gathering.

This park needs a serious revamp. The swings are old, and the playground there is certainly out of fashion. The slides there are made of ceramic. Yes, ceramic; and they exist in Sunplaza Park, which definitely makes me question when the park was actually built. I would't recommend playing in that playground though; Maybe the swings would be a good option if they're still functional, but the slides reek of urine, and I'm not entirely sure if the source of that lingering smell is an animal or just a very drunk, and very bored human.

The barbeque pits at Sunplaza Park haven't been used for a very long time, and I really do question if the taps at the pits still have running water in them.

This park is boring, with minimal facilities, and a run down playground. You're better off having fun and relaxing in Pasir Ris Park, which is nearby - now, that's a proper park.

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A serene stop

It was in my opinion, a really pretty place. With quaint, relatively small trees and a small area of forest located in the Tampines area, the park is a relatively quick getaway from the urban city if you ever find the need to exercise or just to soothe your nerves.
Even during daylight hours, the park has an atmosphere of being darker than usual, whilst maintaining its coziness. For cyclists like me, its a crucial rest point after having paddled hard from Pasir Ris. There is a fitness corner where I can get to stretch other muscles besides that of my thighs and legs, a vending machine for a drink, and even a PCN bike rental shop should I need assistance in fixing a loosened screw.
All in all, a pleasant place indeed.

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Just a park-connector stop

Although I do not live near the park, Sunplazza park has became a meeting point for me and my friends whenever we embark on cycling trips. Being in the middle of Pasir ris park and East coast Park connector, it consists of a bicycle kiosk which is a branch of the a major company which allow bicycles to be returned eleswhere. This has become a great move by the National Parks to promote more leisure cycling for the residents.

My bicycling tire had burst during one of my cycling trip and unfortunately for me, the man in-charged of bicycle repairs at the kiok is on leave every thurdays. I had no choice but to cycle (yes, with burst tire) to the next nearest repair shop.

Nonetheless, the park is still a good stop for cyclists to stop for a rest before proceeding to the next park.Personally, as a jogger, I wouldn't jog in the park since jogging along the park connector towards Pasir Ris Park is a better choice as more view can still be seen. Other than that, I think Sunplazza Park is only good for children to play around the playground.

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