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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

This park, built on both sides of Kallang River, is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. On weekends, dragon boat teams and canoers gather, practising and displaying their skills, preparing for water sports competitions that are also frequently held here. Other exercise opportunities are aplenty, with fitness equipment and jogging cum cycling tracks, complete with distance markers. Nature enthusiasts can visit our butterfly garden. Try and spot as many species of butterfly amongst the flowering plants! There are also various species of birds in the area, especially if you come during the migratory season from September to March. Keep an eye out for our resident little egrets and grey herons. For those who just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can simply kick back under a coconut palm, have a picnic and enjoy the stillness of the reservoir.

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Almost perfect

Lavender residents are fortunate. They can access this delightful and well grown park on the western bank of the Kallang Basin and enjoy the shade, the trees, the water, the saiiing, the dragon boats: it is a lovely park. Walk north (and onwards) to Bishan along the Kallang River, to MacPherson along the Pelton Canal, or up to Novena and Ang Mo Kio along the Whampoa River. Or wander around past the F1 and the Flyer along excellent PCN networks and other great walking paths.

However, don't bother with the eastern side of the park. Once you hit the Merdeka Bridge you have to walk along the Nicoll Highway, regardless of the direction you are going. Even without the current construction of the new stadium, there is no path leading to the bridge that crosses Geylang River to Tanjung Rhu or up the PCN along the sides of the river. Which is a shame. It seems that the sailing clubs have exclusive access to the shores of the Kallang Basin.

What a pity. It detracts from the completeness of this lovely park.

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Body dump

I remembered this was the site where the mutilated body of a China lady was found. The murderer was a Singapore guy who supposedly had murdered the lady when she found that he had stolen her money. The guy had cut the lady into smaller parts and stored her body in different trash bags. The murderer had dumped the bags over a few places in Singapore and Kallang River was on of the places.

It was lucky for me that this happened many years after I left NCC Sea. When I was in NCC Sea, there was a Kallang Sea Training Centre at the end of Kallang River. I had canoed up the Kallang River before and I believed that was before they cleaned up Kallang River. Since then, the surroundings had been greatly improved and it looked like a nice place to visit.

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A park with plenty of potential

Unlike most other parks, Kallang Riverside Park consist of of three separate locations because it is situated right at the point where the river branches into two tributaries. The unique placement should've have granted plenty of opportunities to impress, given its view of the city and the innovative ways NParks could have played around with it's various beaches. However, that didn't happen. Kallang Riverside Park is, for lack of a better word, a dump.

When I was there two years ago, the park was undergoing various small renovations that manage to tread the fine line between promising nothing great and intrude on the park's serenity. Entering the park by way of Kallang MRT station, you will pass through the humble residence of several vagrants under the highway bridge. Walking on, you'll see that the park is pretty skimp on facilities and even the main walkway leads to a dead end at one point. Further up the river, away from the popular water sport activities, rubbish could be seen drifting on the water ever so often.

This park is not totally bad though. The historical monument to Kallang Gasworks at the north side of the river strikes close to my heart because I used to live around here. Also, the tranquility you can find here, especially on the south and west part of the park, rivals the peace in a cemetery any day.

Although the park is rather neglected today, I have faith that NParks will be revamping it entirely before the Sports Hub open it's doors. Till then, there's no reason to come all the way here except for the watersports stuff.

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A different view of the city

To all sea sports fans: this is one place you can't miss! I have been kayaking for some years now, and my usual trips are based in East Coast and Changi, both popular sea sports centres. However, when my friends and I decided to try out Kallang for a change, we were blown away by the experience.

If you paddle out towards the sea, you get an astounding view of the Sheares Bridge, Marina Barrage, and the two banks of the Kallang River. I think today you may be able to view the new Gardens by the Bay too!

Note: As usual, make all the necessary safety checks before heading out to sea, including weather conditions.

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