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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

HortPark is part of the Southern Ridges, which also comprises Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park. We are a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. We are also a knowledge hub for plants and gardening, providing gardening ideas and solutions, and offering a platform for the industry to share best practices and showcase garden designs, products and services. We are especially popular with gardening enthusiasts, families, and community groups who yearn for a tranquil environment for relaxation, and are frequently visited by people who enjoy taking nature walks along the Southern Ridges.

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Garden school in a car body

I'm never convinced that this place works, but I am not prepared to dismiss it. Obviously, it is primarily meant for education and learning. Various schools come here to learn what a garden is. That is a plus. I love the fact that the kids are allowed to design their own gardens. It is not common to see a garden in a car body or trees growing from recyclables.

It is definitely worth it to wander around the butterfly garden, the Balinese garden, see herbs in a herb section (naturally), or, importantly, the section that focuses only on native Singaporean plants.

Then walk the floral walk, view the amazing roof garden. No! It is not a garden on the roof. It is a garden on a roof. THink about it. there is a difference.

As always, a lovely entrance building contains refreshments, a bistro, a souvenir place and the admin headquarters for the gardens, which themselves link into greenhouses and nurseries used to propagate the millions of plants Singapore needs to stay green.

Allow me to sort out my initial ambivalence: I like it.

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After hearing so much about Hort Park, I finally decided to visit it. I like that it's in a good location that is easily accessible by public transport. In fact, it is quite near Harbourfront and Vivo City and I think there should be a bus from there to Hort Park. However, don't let its location fool you because it still manages to retain the quiet beauty of nature.

Hort Park is a very big place and I didn't manage to walk part of it while I was there but I did walk the entire length of the Alexandra Arch and the Forest Walk and enjoyed myself immensely. The Forest Walk was relatively easy and it cuts across a forest, allowing you to take in great views and since there was no one, you can also hear the cries of many forest animals. NParks warns that there are wild monkeys though and although I didn't see any while on the trail, please do not carry any loose bags because the monkeys may snatch them.

Once done, I went to the hawker centre a few bus stops away for a cold Avocado milkshake. Do stop by as well, they are famous for their Avocado Milkshakes and they are delicious, providing a perfect end to an excellent Hort Park hike.

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The controlled wild

I'm a nature loving person. And part of nature is its mess and unpredictability. It seems that Hort park has managed to remove exactly that, replacing it with well manicured lawns displaying well catalogued flora. I feel this is very reflective of Singapore - if you can't control it, it's got to go.

None the less, I must admit that Hort park is beautiful, tranquil, and a great place to go none the less, especially if you're academically interested in plants. I was there years ago with a group of friends while on a race around Singapore. Hort park was the final destination. I'd like to muster up the desire one day to revisit that place, but for now, Mac Ritchie's wilder, dynamic gravitational pull has kept me pegged.

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Hot Park!

As a student in landscape architecture, we were assigned into groups to take care of a particular plot deep inside Hort Park. Once a month, my classmates and I would travel to the park to do weeding and watering in our little garden.

Most of the times when we were there, it was super hot coz there were not many shelters and, the park being in its infancy, the trees were too young to provide any semblance of shade. Nevertheless, the place was a haven for gardeners, with different landscaping ideas and themes translated into physical forms for a student like myself to see and learn.

There were also small and unique playgrounds to play in with my friends! These experiences encompass many highlights of my poly life.. like the time I wrestled with a friend right into a small display pool and got chased off by the security guard!

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Rather Hortpark than the Gardens by The Bay

Hortpark is a really beautiful park with a horticultural theme. It is tucked away in a quiet corner which adds to it aura.

It is nicely landscaped with water features and even a restaurant on its premises. If you have a garden at home and loves planting vegetables, fruits and flowers this place might be one where you can pick up a few useful practical pointers to help your garden thrive.

Best time to go here is in the earlier part of the morning, though night time would be absolutely romantic due to the restaurant operations and the Grade A landscaping. Nice place for a date if you are into plants.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Pretty place to camwhore for a garden person

Hortpark is a very pretty place for any occasion. I once went there for a wedding event held at the hall and I really felt that it was a very nice place to hold a wedding because of the pretty plants around and the peaceful surroundings. I am even planning to hold my 21st birthday party there with a garden theme.

Venturing deeper into Hortpark will make you amazed by the white swing at the garden. It is really pretty although a little old. The playgrounds there are fun too and are a little different from the usual swing, see saw and slide concept of neighbourhood playgrounds. There are also a variety of trees and plants for you to admire. The key feature of Hortpark is that it is rather empty even in the day and probably you can even have a quiet romantic picnic down there.

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

A temporal escape

Hort Park is relatively underrated, and deserves far more visitors than it currently has. The variety of flora and fauna does not pale in comparison to other parks such as the Botanic Gardens, in fact, I find Hort Park much cleaner. I personally like the Silver Garden, as it is something different from what we usually see. Hort Park provides a temporal escape from the hectic city life, a belt of calm amidst the bustling city.

Hort Park is excellent for photographers. Having been there twice, and on both occasions with the photographic society, Hort Park offers something new to our lenses each time.

I wonder if they made a pun on the park's name, as it is definitely very hot! For first time visitors, do apply sunblock and bring along insect repellent. You wouldn't want to be sunburnt or become free food for the mosquitos!

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A tad dull

Personally, I don't find Hort Park useful. In my opinion, the likes of Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay is plenty, and it is pretty much a waste of space. In fact, the only reason I would come to Hort Park is for their reputed restaurant Vineyard.

Personal opinion aside, it is a pretty park. Not only are there beautiful flowers and verdant greenery available for visitors to appreciate, it serves as a learning platform as well. You will find little children on school trips here often, giggling and adding a touch of life and enthusiasm to the quiet place.

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A great place for learning

As you know Singapore is known for it green as we have grown a lot of plants and flower. For people who love the nature and admired beautiful flowers, I am sure you will love HortPark. My first time here was during my secondary school times when I was being selected on behalf of my uniform group for a competition among the others different uniform groups under my school. We were told to find the specific flower inside the hortpark. I was amazed by the scene of beautiful flowers everywhere when I first stepped in, it was just like a gardening hub. There are also small board labeled what type of flower is this and a brief description of it. From this competition I gain a lot of knowledge about the different type of flowers. Hence I suggest for teachers, it great to have lesson conduct beyond the classroom like bringing them out and have some fun at the same time students will also gain some knowledge that is not within the textbook.

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For nature lover and people who could stand the heat.

Hort Park is a spot for those who loves gardening and those who just simply love nature in general. My first visit to the park was to accompany my sister for her photography assignment.The family decided to tag along to find out what's the new park was like. You'd have to walk a bit from the bus stop to reach the entrance of the park. You would then be greeted by the only building in the park and big fish pond.

As you walk in, you'd understand why I've titled this post as "for nature lovers". It is just truly nature around you. Flowers and plants that you may or may have not seen before. Mom was fascinated by the silver looking plant as she looked from it at a distant ( we went into the building and stood at the balcony). The sight from there looked like something out of a Nature photographic catalog. We then proceeded into the club and well, what's there to say? It's just plants, plants and more plants. It's pleasing to the eyes, yes. Not so pleasing to my physical self since there were hardly any shelter and I felt as though I could melt under the sun.

Note to those coming for the first time: Bring a big bottle of water, wear a cap and something airy.

As I'm not one of those nature lovers, the experience wasn't all that thrilling but at least, I got a few pictures that turned out quite nicely, good enough to look like a photoshoot if I wasn't sweating so much.

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