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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Located in the city, the middle portion of this park has a road – Neil Road, dividing it and it slopes downwards towards both ends, ending at the Vanda Miss Joaquim Park. It’s other end is at the New Bridge Road / Kreta Ayer Road junction.

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Where the old watch the old wander by

Singapore may well be the garden city. It never ceases to surprise. Who would think that, in the centre of Chinatown, there would be not one, but three parks? I refer to Pearl Hill, Hong Lim Park and the truly unique Duxton Plain Park.

Why unique? Singapore has a few so called lateral parks of which the most attractive are in Siglap and Bishan (strictly not lateral, but long and narrow) are well worth the visit. The unique thing about this park is that it is there at all. It connects New Bridge Road to Yan Kit Road at Tanjung Pagar.

IN terms if exercise value, it hardly rates as it is less than 700 metres, but it is 700 metres of trees and shade and flowers and birdsong and back yards! Not just your ordinary junk filled back yards, but back walls of shop houses with their winding staircases and narrow measurements, altogether quite interesting.

Along the way there are a couple of shrines, and regardless of which way you go there are plenty of places for a cold drink en route.

So when you are tired of being jostled around by sweaty fat tourists in Trengganu Street, wander on a little and chill out.

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The history of this place intrigues me

Once upon a time this area would have been a little better than a slum. Nowadays, many of the shophouses in the vicinity have been conserved and with that it lends the area some aura of chicness.

I stumbled upon the park while trying to look for a shortcut to get back to Smith Street from Amoy Centre which was nearby. It took a little of effort to get to the top but once at the top I realised that it has a pretty commanding view of the streets below.

There are places for you to sit down and relax a bit so I find it quite a surprise to find such a space in the middle of the busy part of town.

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I love Duxton Road

And for that reason, I vow to love everything Duxton.

So if you sell me a Duxtonlicious Dress, I would buy it off your hands in a stupid, loyal heartbeat. But back on track.

It was a Friday night and I was done with the now-closed Pigeonhole and was looking for somewhere to chill. I repeatedly insisted that I needed a drink but my date gave me a rude "how about no" sign and dragged a trudging me here.

The weather was fine that night. There was a nice breeze, the moon was half out, the air felt magical. We settled on a bench and started chitchatting, and I think what I like the most is that this park has no joggers. Maybe because it was a Friday night and they all had better plans than me (sigh) but nonetheless, it made the setting a lot more romantic.

I am not a fan of parks and gardens. I am slightly pampered and prefer my air con places. Did I worry unnecessarily about mosquitoes? Yes. But for once it didn't stop me from wanting to explore the park further. (straight paths are easy to walk)

We got hungry after a bit so we concluded our green adventure early.

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Evening breeze
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Nothing much to see/do

This park is very small and has no facilities whatsoever. It is basically more like a walkway with a few benches. I would not recommend this park to anyone unless they are in the vicinity (Duxton area- which has a lot of nice cafes/restaurants to check out ).

I happened to chance upon it one day while I was looking for a café nearby, if not I would never have known that this park existed. There was nobody around when I was there.
It does provide a good spot for an after-meal walk to digest the food, especially in the evening where the streetlamps give it a romantic atmosphere.

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