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One of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, this linear park is 3.3km long with coconut palms, BBQ pits, park benches and shelters. Visitors can jog or cycle along the winding tracks from Changi Point to Changi Ferry Terminal. 

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Of planes and noise and beaches and vierws

I see this park as more of a destination than an attraction in its own right. But then, judging by the number of campers that make the trip out to Changi Beach Park, many other hold a different view.

It is a long hike from the East Coast Park (over 8kms from Tanah Merah Terminal). Lots of cyclists find it a great ride: walkers tend to take the shorter route along the PCN from Pasir Ris.

In terms of facilities it is a poor cousin to the East Coast park, but nonetheless it has what the East Coast Park does not have: views of the offshore islands of Ubin and Tekong. Position yourself mid park and watch the underbellies of aeroplanes as they land or take off at Changi Airport. That tends to ruin the peace and quiet a little, but where in Singapore can you really get away from noise?

Actually, there are many places, but you know what I mean.

Is the final analysis it is a pleasant enough park. Is it worth taking the trip out there? Yes, for several reasons.

1) the generally good food and restaurants at Changi Village
2) the views of the islands and Malaysian mainland
3) the excitement of air transport
4) the relatively robust level of beach wildlife.

And finally: it as far away as you can get from the city….

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Plane-spotting galore

Changi beach is located only a kilometer away from the foot of the changi airport runway. As an enthusiast in the aviation industry, this park is a treat for my eyes. The sound of the engines roaring barely few hundred metres from the ground is superb. The different types of planes and the occasional A380’s roll into the airport every minute. This beach is the closest you can get to see a plane landing without actually being on it!

However if you are not such a aviation enthusiast, the constant drone of planes landing and taking off may ruin the visit to the beach. To me personally, I felt that the sounds, while loud, are not annoying or irritating. The beach itself isn’t technically a beach as there is only a few patches of sand. But there is space to play football or cricket or any sports for that matter. There is even a playground! There are many cyclists so you must watch out for them.

The beach is very well maintained and the constant breeze is very refreshing. There are lesser facilities here compared to ECP. For me, whenever my family decides to go for a trip to the beach, I would persuade them to go to Changi beach!

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Blanketed by tents

The holiday season has struck. Within seconds, zillions of tents have been set up at Changi Beach Park. Singaporeans seems to have the knack of flocking towards a nearby beach and settling themselves there temporarily. However, I realised that the tent population is ginormous at Changi Beach Park as compared to the beaches elsewhere. The wind is probably stronger there. Air conditions aren't a necessity with this gale constantly billowing by Changi Beach Park. Plus, they're priceless.

The "Kiasu" trait amongst Singaporean is apparent here. Recently, I was inspired to set up a tent there too. I arrived in the evening in search of an empty spot to set the tent. Barely. Tents were everywhere. Even on the concrete tiled floors. I could hardly see the flooring at Changi Beach Park.

Additionally, this beach has an element that distinguishes itself amongst other beaches. The airport. It's located nearby. Hence, airplanes are a common sighting. It's the common soundtrack there. The airplanes are also several metres nearer to the land as compared to the ones that zoom across East Coast Park. Some may like it, some may not. Judging by the amount of tents, I doubt many abhor these flying prowess sound and presence.

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Airplanes and wind
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Gay park

Many years ago when I was still studying in university, my friends would always tell me not to go to Changi beach. They would also tell me if I was going to Changi beach, do not bring my 1.5l mineral water bottle. During that time, I was always carrying a 1.5l mineral water bottle in school because I did not want to spend money to buy a proper water bottle. I also carried the bigger bottle because the small bottle could only give me a few mouthfuls.

That was like a signal to other similarly inclined people that you were there looking for some fun. It was only after some time that I realised that Changi beach was a place where gay hung out at night. I was not sure how much of this was true but I never went there to verify for myself.

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Between the Rocks

I remember watching an old Singaporean documentary about our country's most haunted sites. Changi came in second. Hence, being the boy that I was, my friends and I would venture to the infamous hospital to explore. Other than the expected pentagons and witchy vandalism, there wasn't many spooks there.

But while the dead haunts its beaches, abundant life can be found between the rocks. Changi beach is the richest beach in terms of animal life in Singapore. This is probably because it's not as popular as East Coast Park, or the fact that there are many rocks and pools, or maybe because the dead Japanese soldiers feed the crabs. None the less, I've found mantis shrimps, star fishes, mud skippers, fiddler crabs, archer fish, and many other great sea creatures between and under the rocks. Being a nature lover, Changi beach is the best beach in Singapore in my books.

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Quiet park

For me, Changi beach park always comes as a package deal with east coast park. Once we cycled to east coast park, we had to cycle to changi beach park to extend the distance! The total journey from the end of east coast park to changi beach park totals more than 30km, so be prepared to go the extra mile!

There are very few facilities in changi beach park, and very few toilets. But, the atmosphere there is very different from east coast park. At east coast, there will always be people around doing their stuff, but at changi beach park, there will be the occasional cyclists or person. Thus, this park is a great place if you want a tranquil environment for yourself or your friends!

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Plane-watching Park

Changi Beach is one of my favourite beaches, simply because like East Coast Park, this beach also holds many memories for me. I've been coming here for years, witnessing it's transformation from a scarcely developed land forgotten by NParks, to the well-developed park attraction it is today, complete with the 2.2km Changi Boardwalk across the river.

One unique attraction of Changi Park is the opportunity to see planes roaring right over your head on their way to the airport. For those who haven't seen this spectacle before, it's gonna be an eye opener.

In recent years, Changi Beach have become a destination for many Malay families to enjoy short camping trips, especially on the eve of weekends and public holidays. Although I do miss the peace and quiet of previous years, watching how so many different people enjoy themselves is sort of fun sometimes.

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(Updated: January 15, 2013)

More tranquil than its busy neighbors

If like me, you frequent East Coast Park often, then you will notice that it gets pretty crowded and noisy over the weekends as families head there to exercise and play. Cue Changi Beach Park, which is just a short drive away from east coast.

With lesser amenities such as fast food chains, restaurants and chalets, this park offers a much more tranquil and quiet feel. While it is a little more inaccessible to get to, I do find this beachfront park a tad more relaxing and calming on the nerves.

If your purpose of going to the park is to get away from the commercial areas of Singapore, then this should be a place for you to do so.

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Great place to cycle to!

I have cycled from Pasir Ris to Changi Beach several times already, and each trip was fun and fulfilling! The beach is cooling and a nice place to chill. Nearby, there's a myriad food centres to patronize and food to savour on. How convenient!

As for the quality, the beach does not really offer a picturesque scene of blue waters and white sandy beaches. Like all the other beaches in Singapore, this one is no different. The vessels nearby can be quite and irksome sight for me. It feels that this beach is not very "natural". Almost all the time, litter can be spotted too.

Overall, I prefer cycling to the beach than staying there itself. It's best to cycle around the evenings, where the weather is cooler.

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Always windy!

Changi Beach is one of my favourite places to hold a BBQ party in Singapore. With East Coast being the popular choice, I usually let the hordes of people head there while I prefer the quieter and less crowded Changi Beach.

I love cycling along the long and windy tracks to Changi Point, plus walking along the coastline, which is always clear. Many times, it's possible to see the huge container vessels traveling quite near to the beach. With the ever-present sea breeze and the rustling sounds of trees, it's possible to just drift off into peaceful slumber at any time.

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Excites our five senses!

I don't describe myself to be sporty, and sometimes I am just too lazy to even move. But once I come in sight with nature and things that allow me some adrenaline rush (or just make me feel healthy xD), some perspiration is nothing!

My visit to Changi Beach Park are usually either a night stroll after much delicacious from the nearby hawker, or a pit stop for my cycling trips around different parks through connectors. Well, it has to be a pit stop for me. The peaceful (there are not much people), surroundings allow me to just enjoy the scenic view (but there are just too much boats sometimes) or lie on the sand. Hearing the waves, enjoying the sea breeze and basking myself in the warm sunlight... Marvellous. I can do that all day. A perfect place to that excites all our five senses.

One thing I don't really like and yet unavoidable are the smokers. Not a fan of smoke myself, I always get upset at the smell of it. And since the beach is such an open space, it is quite difficult to avoid the smoke with the wind changing direction all the time...
Other than that, it will be a perfect place for some family bonding and of course, a place just for one to be alone to do reflections or just daydream.

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