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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

Situated on high ground, the park surrounds a pond that is rainwater collection area. Bamboo trees are also abundant in this park which the apartment blocks in the vicinity overlook.

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7.00 pm to 7.00 am
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7.00 pm to 7.00 am
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A resident-friendly park

Bukit Panjang Park has an entrance that is unique. With staircases that are inviting- modeled after a grand spiral staircase, you would naturally feel an urge to explore more.

As per common parks, the place is ideal for joggers as there are already clear paths en route. With tall trees surrounding the area, there is shade from the sun as you venture in. To talk about the wildlife, the park has a history of wild and aggressive monkeys residing in the park. Fortunately, after enforcement actions were taken, the park is now restored to its peaceful self. Still, if you are lucky you might spot a monkey or two. Till today, the sign ‘no feeding the monkeys’ still greets the visitors of the park.

Interestingly as you go deeper into the park, there is a path that leads to a mini hydroponic plant farm. With one or two women handling the plants, the fresh outburst of greenery fascinates the environmental lover. Further down the path, there is an IPPT facility station for NS men to train. The availability of the five stations, as well as a 2.4km route around the park, make it very convenient and motivating for nearby residents to train.

Thankfully, it is now apparent that parks are very accommodating of the residents’ needs these days.

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