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Bukit Batok East Ave 2 Singapore
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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

The serene ambience of the park provides an ideal ambience for a peaceful nature walk. Near the entrance of the park, at the foot of a high cliff wall, is a picturesque pond. The pond runs deep and still - a relic from the mining days of the region. This park was developed on an abandoned quarry site in 1988. The terrain is undulating and footpaths meander through the lush secondary forest leading to look-out points reaching more than 10 storeys high to provide breathtaking views. Joggers and hikers will welcome the undulating terrain and the serene ambience of the park. During World War II, the Japanese selected the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial for the soldiers who died. All that remains are two pillars and 120 concrete steps leading up to a transmission tower. A memorial plaque lies at the foot of the stairs to inform visitors of the significance and meaning of the location.

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Within walking distance of my home, I enjoy going to this park for either a leisure stroll to take in the fresh air or to jog along the nature trails.

The first sight that greets you is row of trees. And though I have never actually seen it happen before, a sign that warns you of falling durians. That has always amused me and gave me hope of maybe having free durians.

The shelter of trees shade park-goers from the sun, and the long trails that go into the woods are a good way to explore the whole park. I almost got lost once, but there are maps located along the trails, so no need to worry.

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A Relaxing Place Full Of Peaceful Environment!

I have always wanted to visit Bukit Batok Nature Park as it is far away from where i am residing. I have also heard local acting companies usually visit this place for shooting due to their very scenic environment and the only place in Singapore where you can embrace a very natural nature. The place is mostly filled with foreigners, i guess because the time that i went was on a weekday and during day time. There are joggers around as well. There is a big quarry and i could see a fair amount of clear water on it. You could witness turtles swimming around from afar and popping their heads, mud skippers and pond skaters. There are no benches and everyone sit on the big rocks being scattered around. I find this place a really romantic place because of its friendly nature and the forest kind of feeling that i am receiving. I could imagine myself day dreaming while enjoying the sound of the nature. I could also imagine if there is actually a waterfall among the natural cliffs situated around the pond. Indeed, a place that i will always drop by when i am nearing it. A total peaceful scenic environment!

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Forest Feeling!
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As natural as it gets

With A name that is synonymous with tranquility, Bukit Batok Nature Reserve park gives a sense of calmness to its visitors. With its façade that consists of tall trees and bushes, just like a tropical forest, the park is big and clean too. Indeed, the park is also a haven for joggers or for those who want to take a relaxing walk, given the fact that the air is cool and fresh, especially in the early hours of the morning.

What happens then when it rains? Do not fret, as there are a number of shelters that u can seek cover in if you do not have an umbrella with you. There is even a toilet which is quite clean which is handy as you do not need to exit the park’s compound.

Geographically, it is easier for people living in the west side of Singapore to come down. While the main MRT station that is the nearest is Bukit Batok, it is still quite a distance to walk directly from the station. Therefore it is recommended to take any of the buses -174, 157, 985 or 66. Waiting times for the bus take 10- 15 minutes and upon alighting, it is simply a 3 minutes’ walk to the park.

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Away from the Crowds

Bukit Batok Park is the best park for a great family activity! With its spacious park space and out areas, i had a great time flying my kites with my family over there. It is rather difficult to find open spaces (other than marina barrage's open space, which is always over crowded on weekends) in Singapore for Kite Flyers, without having our kites stuck in a tree or there is just too many fellow kite flying enthusiatics around, thus Bukit Batok Park is great!

To me, nothing beats a picnic with your family in the park to spend some quality time together (it beats watching television)! To enjoy doing so, you will need a spacious and quiet space to get rid of the city's noise and some time away from the crowds. Thankfully, Bukit Batok Park offers such a pleasure for my family and I. So for those looking for a little peaceful time with your love ones, and does not crave for much attention from crowds and noise, you should take time to visit this Park which has much to offer!

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