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Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Singapore
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Listing created by Aravind on March 30, 2012    

The bigger of the two town parks in Ang Mo Kio, this park was built on a hillock. A 120-step staircase will take you to a pergola and plaza from where you can view the lush and spreading greenery. A landscaped pond near to the entrance of the park is another cosy place for you to sit back and relax. On the other side of the park is the secondary forest, with forest plants such as Dillenia and Vitex growing plentiful. Footpaths meandering through the forest and flowing with the terrain will be a challenge for recreational runners.

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Its for you if you're looking for an adventure

Ang Mo Kio Town Park West is located near a busy thoroughfare. One instinctively thinks of an urbanised, invaded form of park at this. However, abundant with lush greenery and gnarled old trees, it is nature within a bustling town. While the size of the park is not impressive, what is interesting would be the different trails available. If you're one of those people whos always in a lookout for an adventure, then this is the place for you. The dirt trails leads to different areas of the park, offering you unique perspectives than if you choose to explore it from the main pavement.

Moreover, it is also a haven for cycling and exercising. The park has a 'fresh' feeling, rare in our garden city which comes from the oxygen rich atmosphere in the park. The variety of tracks, especially the bishan park connector, offers cyclists the opportunity to explore further. The availability of a fitness corner in the park itself and in the neighbouring housing estates is a boon to the person looking for a free, good workout.

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Just like any other park

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West (Seriously though, how many parks does Ang Mo Kio need?) is just like any other park; tracks for runners and cyclists, a pond, a lake, the sea, whatever you choose to call it, and lots of trees and bushes. The ONLY thing that is unique about the place is the ridiculously long flight of stairs which depresses beginner joggers like me. If you're unfit, walking up that flight of seemingly underending stairs will get you wheezing like you have asthma (even if you don't). Nevertheless, walking up those stairs (don't worry, there are intervals in between, though there are no benches) is a good workout all by itself. Heck, I've even seen grandpas hopping up them! (Which I don't really advise people to do, what with the risk of falling and breaking your spine, neck, head etc.)

The park is extremely close to the MRT station, making it easily accessible even to people living in other areas, and is also close to AMK Hub, making it easy to refresh oneself after a good exercise.

Caution: Do not go there at night, or even in the evening. The park has numerous small trails that are easy to get lost in, especially when you can't see the signposts. Add on the fact that there are countless trees and tall bushes which make eerily good hiding spots and you have the perfect scene for crimes. Some trails are so far away from the crowds that no one can hear even if you scream (I got lost there once in the afternoon and couldn't find my friends even though we kept shouting each other's names).

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A nice park in the neighbourhood

I used to frequent this park until a man was found murdered last year. Following that incident, I read reports that the park often had teens hanging around sniffing glue and I got quite freaked out. Indeed, I used to like the park at night simply because it was peaceful and quiet. There might have been couples hiding in dark corners but nothing really scary. Efforts have since been made to keep the park brightly lit, even past midnight but I still no longer like to go there when it's dark.

Nevertheless, it's still a nice place for the peace. Unless you're lurking in some corner surrounded by trees, I don't think you'll become a feast for mosquitoes either. It's a small park but I like running there because the hilly terrain is quite challenging. Good for resistance training. I'm not an early riser so it helps that the trees provide shade when it gets hot. But for distance runners, I think looping around this small park can get pretty boring.

People who don't go there to run or walk usually go to the McDonald's and the playground. These spots can thus get a little crowded. I wish NParks or whoever's in charge would do something about the pond though. It looks murky and still and I think it's a mosquito breeding ground.

I love this park but it's somewhere I go only because it's convenient. I don't think it'll be one of those parks that I'd specially drive to like Mount Faber or East Coast.

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