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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 18, 2012    

If you are around Woodlands New Town, drop by Woodlands Town Park and enjoy the greenery and ambience the park has to offer. Look out for the design of the park amenities that has both Malay and Chinese elements. Sungei Mandai Kecil, a river that flows through the park, was also integrated in the design of the park. Part of this river that flows into the park was enlarged into a lake, irregularly-shaped for a natural look.

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Been there by mistake

I remembered once when I was planning to bring my kids to the newly opened Woodlands Waterfront park, I came wrongly to this park. When I parked my car, I was already suspicious that I had come to the wrong place but I was sure I was in Woodlands.

So we got out of the car and went to the park. Just a few steps into the park, I had confirmed that I had come to the wrong place. How can a newly opened park looked like this. The trees and plants did not look healthy and the playground looked like it was from my generation. Instead of water front, we saw only a pond. We did not bother going further into the park, this just could not be the Woodlands Waterfront park.

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Park with a bad rep

I live just 50m away from this park and I find that it is absolutely creepy at night. Nowadays, it is a little brighter with lights that work but at certain stretches, walking there tests your resolve. No problems during the day though.

There are many big huts that you can lounge around in, but at night they become sleeping places for men mostly. Not too sure who they are but most likely vagrants and the homeless. Oh yeah, if you do bump into women there at night, beware for they are most likely not the real thing (if you know what I mean). Especially if they look better than most women and most definitely don't sound like them. They are there to do "business" which is why the park has a bad rep.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Rather play Kinect

Woodlands Town Garden is the dullest and dreasiest park for sure. The old playground, the boring atmosphere and the muddy waters, it's a depressing sight. The park has a lot of issues, no question about that. Even the car park has limited parking lots. The plants are in poor condition. They look dry and withered.

I rarely see kids playing at the playground. Probably because most of the facilities are rusty and covered with sands. Moreover, there are very few amenities around. Most residents come here for a quick jog. However, with the Waterfront situated just right at the corner, one can't help to be surprised that the number of visitors have declined drastically. I have to admit that Woodlands Park definitely pales in comparison.

I normally see ice-creams vans around parks, but this is not the case for Woodlands Town Garden. If you've seen the state, you'll know why. Also, the park can get incredibly dark and creepy...

Verdict: Don't bother. If it were up to me, I would rather stay at home and exercise via kinect.

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