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Alicia Teng
Listing created by Alicia Teng on January 20, 2016    

Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut Butter is a low-fat alternative to regular peanut butter, containing 85% less fat. Made with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, Tru-Nut PB is great for peanut-butter lovers who are looking for a low-calorie alternative to their regular peanut butter spreads. Tru-Nut can be mixed into a paste, sprinkled on to breakfast cereals, and used in baking. 

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Great For Jazzing Up Your Breakfasts and Smoothies

I first came across Tru-Nut when I was searching for my regular jar of peanut butter in Cold Storage. I had heard of powdered peanut butter before, but I didn't think that they stocked it in Singapore. Intrigued, I bought a jar of their Original Peanut Butter.

Tru-Nut is a low-fat peanut butter alternative. Mixing 2 tablespoons of Tru-Nut with a tablespoon of water results in a reconstituted peanut butter paste. I tried it, and it really did look and smell like peanut butter. Taste-wise, Tru-Nut is quite different from normal peanut butter, as it is missing most of the peanut oil, which affects its flavor. It had a strong peanut flavor, and was thick and very spreadable. However, I found it a bit sweet to taste.

I wouldn’t call Tru-Nut a close substitute for peanut butter, as it’s practically impossible to replicate the taste and texture of the real deal. However, I do find Tru-Nut to be an excellent addition in smoothies and oatmeal. Trunut really bumps up the amount of peanut flavor in the dish, making it super creamy as well. For the best of both worlds, I use Tru-Nut along with regular peanut butter. If you love peanut butter in your smoothies, give Tru-Nut a try.

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