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Alicia Teng
Listing created by Alicia Teng on January 20, 2016    

Developed in the 1970s by Dr Kenzo Kase, Kinesio Taping is the original brand producing therapeutic taping for musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. Made for both athletes and for regular consumers, Kinesio offers a range of products, from tapes targeting general strains and sprains, to athletic tapes for specific sports. 

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Great For Training Support and For Relieving Sports Injury Pain

I had been experiencing chronic hamstring issues and other injuries for several years, back when I was intensively training for both competitive cheer and track. I had done some research on athletic taping, and decided to try out Kinesio Tape.

Out of all the brands of sports tape that I’ve tried so far, Kinesio Tape is my personal favorite. What I like about Kinesio is that it has a stronger adhesive as compared to other brands, which start to peel off after a few hours of training. I rarely experience this issue with Kinesio tapes, which are strong enough to stick for a few days.

Although some people say that sports taping is just a gimmick, I really do feel that it provides my muscles with greater stability, as well as providing more support to my injuries. Kinesio tape has helped me considerably, especially during season. However, Kinesio Tape is hard to find in Singapore, so I recommend that you order it online if you wish to purchase it.

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