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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 18, 2016    

Two-bite specialises in creating snacks such as brownies and cookies. As the name explains, these snack are two-bite sized, easy to eat, and conveniently packaged.


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Two bites worth of contentment

We all experience the sudden craving for sweet things sometimes. But a cake seems too much and a sweet seems too small to satisfy our sugary desires. My go-to snack would be the two-bite brownies. They are so convenient to get also - almost every 7/11 and Cheers store has it.

The two-bite brownies are super sweet. I love it but I suggest you give it a miss if you’re not a fan of overly sweet treats. The brownies are very chewy and moist, and it feels really good in your mouth. The texture is rough and bumpy, and I don’t quite like how easily it crumbles. However, the taste of these two-bite brownies make up for the less-than-satisfactory texture.

The brownies are a quick and cheap solution to satisfy your craving, but don’t expect anything super extraordinary and out of this world.

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