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Potong Ice Cream is a popular dessert among the older generation. The popsicles come in many different local flavours such as durian, red bean and mango.

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Good ol' potong ice cream
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The good ol' potong ice cream! They can be found at all supermarkets and some mini-marts! Definitely something that resonates with most Singaporeans and most of us see it as a childhood ice cream. Definitely recommend this to any tourists visiting Singapore who wish to experience Singapore like how a local does, because food is definitely a big part of who we are! Durian flavour is a classic and isn't too strong or overpowering and can be a good stepping stone for tourists who are unfamiliar with the smell and taste of durian to have a go at trying the king of fruits! But my current personal favorite is "Pulut Hitam" which means black glutinous rice! It tastes just like the dessert version and i love the little bits of glutinous rice inside the ice cream that gives it an additional texture and crunch, the little bits are the only reason why i would put this flavour above durian!

In these past few years they have had an aesthetic upgrade; the packaging looks nicer and even the ice cream stick is not the conventional flatttened wooden stick instead of what looked like a single round chopstick! However, there has also been a loss of old flavours such as sweet corn, attap chee and jackfruit! :( Sweet corn used to be my favourite! The new boxes also no longer sell an assortment of flavours like they did in the past but only 1-2 flavours with 6 sticks inside. They also have new flavours such as tek tarik, which is milk tea, which perhaps would appeal more to the tastebuds of the younger generation.

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The childhood delicacy you forgot about
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I totally forgot about those colourful sticks of potong ice cream until I saw them again at NTUC. I used to eat them so often as a kid, but the habit died when more “hip” ice cream brands such as Ben and Jerry’s became popular.

The potong ice cream comes in many flavours such as red bean, durian, coconut and mango. My favourite is the durian potong ice cream. It really tastes like durian! It has a smooth, icy texture which can be quite hard to bite into it’s frozen solid. I prefer my potong ice creams to be a little melted so it’s soft and creamy. The ice cream is sweet and flavourful, and the durian taste is not overpowering. One thing I don’t like about these potong ice creams is their wooden stick which can have several splinters on it. It’s just a personal fear of swallowing the splinters and hurting my throat.

Every Singaporean has to have a taste of potong ice cream at least once . It is a thing of our past. The unique flavour and creamy texture is worth a try.

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