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Celeste Tan
Listing created by Celeste Tan on January 18, 2016    

Snapseed is a mobile photo-editing application by Google, Inc., incorporating professional photo editing software previously exclusively available on desktop. Features include a non-destructive editing workflow, spot healing and the ability to selectively apply edits.


Source: Snapseed FB
Source: Snapseed FB
Source: Snapseed FB

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simple, clean photo editing app best for fine-tuning

Of all the mobile photo editor applications, Snapseed is by far one of my favourites. Unlike the simple, tap-to-apply photo editors, Snapseed is for the more discerning photographers, offering a comprehensive range of photo-editing tools and filters.

Snapseed doesn’t have any preset filters, so you have complete creative control to fine-tune your photo. The in-app demos are a little hard to follow especially for first-timers, but after playing around with the tools I could pick up the controls pretty quickly. I love how you can adjust specific areas of the photo, and the stack function is really helpful if you want to tweak individual stacks without interfering with other edits. Even without the more advanced tools like the histogram and Brush function, the more basic tools are more than enough to get your perfect Instagram photo.

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