Lazarus Island

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Lazarus Island is one of Singapore's Southern islets and is growing in popularity with Singaporeans for its untainted beaches. As of now, the only way to get there is either chartering a private yacht or taking a ferry to St. John's island and walking on the bridge linking the two islands. 


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For a piece of the Maldives
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As a wanderluster, I’ve always found myself staring forlornly at my computer screen, flipping through Lonely Planet pictures of beach getaways like the Maldives. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to hop on a yacht and visit Lazarus Island. I never wanted to leave.

I remember having my breath catch in my throat the moment I saw the turquoise blue waters. Yes, they aren’t murky blue, or green blue. They are clear, turquoise waters. I was surprised that I could actually see through the waters to the seashells on the surface of the seabed, or to my feet as the waves washed over them. The sand is also clean and relatively free of trash, particularly when compared with the rest of Singapore’s counterparts.

The only downside to visiting this island is its accessibility. Currently, there are no direct ferries; the best options are really a chartered yacht or a ferry to St. John’s Island (before walking to Lazarus itself). But I guess, this just retains the island’s exclusivity. The beach -- a sprawling 1km length -- had less than 10 people in total on it. There aren’t many amenities either (be sure to pack some food), but that indeed makes the experience that much more immersive.

If you love beaches, take it from this beach lover. Set aside a day, brave the seasickness, and take the trip here. It’s likely to be the best Singaporean beach experience you’ll ever have.

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Probably the clearest water in SG
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If you go to the beaches in mainland Singapore, you probably wouldnt think of snorkeling, the waters are usually brown and murky, but at lazurus island and the surrounding islands in that region, the water is much cleaner and clearer and while it definitely isnt at the level of our Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai neighbours, it probably is the clearest you can get without needing your passport. While the water isnt as clear as it used to be a few years back due to growing popularity, you still could probably whip up a snorkel and mask and swim around the bay area, encountering some fishes and hard coral. Good for a relaxing weekend day trip, and pair it with a visit to Kusu island to enjoy spotting the sea turtles that reside at Kusu's temple.

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