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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on January 12, 2016    

The Tabitha Foundation is a charity for Cambodians, focused on the idea of 'self help'. It is designed to promote self-sufficiency, and trains families to in ways such as creating clean water and finding a source of income. 


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Beautiful products for a beautiful cause

When my Mum came home with various silk goods, confusion was my first feeling. They were very pretty little purses and bookmarks etc., however not what she would normally buy, but as soon as she told me about who made them and why, it all made much more sense.

Tabitha had set up a stall at a nearby Colonial House and were selling their goods for their charity, which you should 110% look at because the word inspiring doesn’t even come close. As well as typical fundraising for building and other trips, their volunteers donate their time to sell the goods made by Cambodians out of silk and other gorgeous materials. Unlike other charities, they don’t just use the money raised to buy food or other products which will be used and run out, they take the perspective that by training people instead, they are able to be self sufficient and confident and proud in themselves that they can support their own families.

The products which you can buy are really lovely, and knowing who they were made by really touches you each time you use it. Take some time to look at their website and learn more about what they do, because what they achieve will truly inspire you.

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