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Celeste Tan
Listing created by Celeste Tan on January 09, 2016    

VSCO Cam is mobile photo-editing application available for both iOS and Android devices. VSCO Tools allow users to fine-tune photos, and preset packs are available on the in-App store. VSCO is integrated with the curated VSCO Grid, showcasing published photos by VSCO creatives around the world.


Source: VSCO FB
Source: VSCO FB

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ultimate photo editing app for all

I’ve always been chided by my friends for using Instagram’s in-built photo editing tools and filters. They all swear by VSCO Cam for shooting and editing their Instagram photos, as the application itself features advanced camera controls that the phone camera itself may not even have. Editing can be made using either their built filters and presets, or manually to enhance the photo before publishing.

The design of the application is sleek, but initially i found the application a little confusing since I’m not familiar with photographic terms and with a virtually wordless interface it took a little time to get used to. Once I got the hang of it though, editing became a breeze. By choosing only the essential tools, VSCO makes the application accessible even to novices like me. Otherwise, the free presets alone are enough to make your photo look effortlessly aesthetic. My favourite presets are those that emulate film like C3 and LV1, both of which look natural and replicate it well.

Even if you’re not particularly mindful of what you post on your main Instagram accounts, just playing around with the tools on different photos or exploring the creative community on VSCO Grid is plenty of fun.

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The ultimate app for photography noobs

Even if your photography skills are non-existent, no fear, filters are here. VSCO is an app which offers many useful filters to make your picture look instantly better. You can also toggle the intensity of the filter unlike many other apps, and I find it extremely useful.

VSCO has the usual editing functions, such as the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. There are so many ways for you to enhance your photo using VSCO. I’m so amazed how my ugly photos can look like top Instagram posts just by using the filters and editing features available. Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of editing yet, even with VSCO.

I’m always awed at how the photos on my Instagram feed can look so good, as if they were shot by professional photographers. VSCO really makes me feel more confident about posting my photos on Instagram as my photos won’t stand out as a sore thumb anymore. It’s truly an app for photography noobs like me.

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The Pocket Professional Photographer

I don’t have the most aesthetic Instagram feed, but I’m getting there with the help of VSCO… and a lot of guidance from a photographer friend.

The editing options available in the app are diverse, with one of my favourite unique ones being ‘Shadows Tint’, which can change the mood of your photos drastically. The filters I use most often are A6 when I want to emphasize the shadows, or C1 when I want the colours to be more vibrant. I’d purchase more filters, but the prices seemed too exorbitant to me. A tiny downside would be that the adjustment knobs for the tools are not seamless sliders like Instagram’s, and so photographs are difficult to fine-tune.

VSCO is an app I swear by, a plus point being the fact that it’s free on the store. Additional presets come at a price though, but promotions do take place, so I’d grab the opportunity when it comes again.

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