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Celeste Tan
Listing created by Celeste Tan on January 08, 2016    

Shopee SG is a mobile marketplace for users to buy and sell items instantly from their mobile device. Their in-app features are designed to facilitate online transactions, such as requiring buyers to make payments through Shopee and an integrated delivery service.


Source: Shopee SG
Source: Shopee SG
Source: Shopee SG

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Filled with unethical sellers - not recommended!

Regular Shopee buyer here. Sick of their unethical sellers and the platform itself. Detailed review here:

Would encourage to boycott Shopee as they protect their sellers a lot. If you face any problem, they'll just tell you to report but with no actions done. Unethical sellers are still allowed to sell without facing any punishment. Lots of counterfeits there too - gotta be extremely careful as 99% of counterfeit sellers market their items as authentic products.

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Worst marketplace I have ever shopped in!

With Shopee guarantee, one would think it's safer to transact here compared to Carouhell. But my experience shopping on Shopee was a hit or miss. In particular, dealing with their preferred sellers were some of the most horrible experiences I ever had! Can you imagine seeing 50-100+ negative feedbacks on Carousell? Would you ever buy anything from these sellers? No right? Apparently Shopee endorses these sellers who has crazy high amount of 1 to 2 star ratings and promote them as preferred sellers! And so long as these sellers take a picture of the envelope with the right address on it, if you have a lost mail, good luck! Shopee most likely will not refund you the money, even if the seller has 80+ lost mails! This gotta be the joke of the century! So much for their Shopee guarantee tagline! And what's worst, you'll never know if you had purchased a fake item! Some of the stuffs I bought have different packaging from original stores, which can be easily validated with retail stores here!

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