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N95 mask

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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on May 06, 2014    

  The N95 mask frequently features in the news, with its beginnings during the haze period of 2013 and most recently in the distribution of emergency packages around neighbourhoods. Dubbed a significant object in that it shows the uglier side of Singaporeans and Singapore life in general, the N95 mask has since risen in fame to become a household brand name


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(Updated: June 15, 2014)

Effective yet uncomfortable

The N95 mask surfaced as the critical object of demand during the severe haze period of May-June 2013. The small, cup shaped object, made of cloth, a metal adjustor and a yellow rubber band to secure the mask to the face, is in my opinion, not really comfortable though easy to wear.

I was issued one by my camp during the outbreak of the haze, and it was a requirement for it to be on at all time whilst out of an enclosed, air conditioned room. The mask really did a good job in keeping the haze out, though I'm not really sure I like the bit about keeping the air I blow out of my nose in. I felt that the filters imbued upon the mask are of a semi-porous quality, allowing basic air molecules such as oxygen and carbon dioxide to flow through smoothly yet too small for bigger particles such as dust. This gave it a really dense feel, not to mention the warm air coming out of the mask slowly through the top and condensing on my glasses.

The most noticeable effect the haze had on the mask was the change in its experience over time. From being fluffy and white, it slowly blackened over time and use, and hence by the time the ordeal of the haze was over and I discovered it was hard to get rid of the dirt, I simply threw it away.

That didn't help in forgetting the experience with the mask though.

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