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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on April 08, 2014    

Specially dedicated to its fans, Ben & Jerry's organises a Free Cone Day as a show of thanks for their loyal support. On this day, designated outlets in Singapore would be offering a free ice-cream scoops for fans who turn up between the designated hours. Moreover, the event acts as a means for the brand to promote love of ice-cream around the globe. The annual Free Cone Day 2014 falls on 8 April 2014 this year. 


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survive the queues and be rewarded

Ben & Jerry’s is home to some of the quirkiest ice cream flavours, and their premium ice cream is euphoric. Their annual free cone day is just to say thanks to their patrons for another year of support, and ever since its debut in Singapore in 2007 more than 40,000 free cones are given away each year. Last year I finally joined in on the fun, getting my free Chocolate Therapy cone from their Dempsey outlet.

Their ice cream is not the cheapest, but you won’t regret indulging in their exclusive ice cream flavours. What I like about Ben & Jerry’s is their fun vibes - their stores are always vibrant and the names of their concoctions (think “Phish Food” and “New York Super Fudge Chunk”) are always innovative and a whole lot of fun to say. Their inspiration for Free Cone Day is to spread ‘peace, love & ice cream around the globe’, which judging by the smiles all around despite the monstrously long queues, they come pretty close. Who can say no to free, quality ice cream?

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Everyone’s favourite day!

Annually, Ben and Jerry’s would hold a free cone day where almost all Ben & Jerry’s stores will give out free ice cream to the public. It is celebrated in most countries and serves as a token of appreciation for the public’s support and to promote the love for ice cream.

Almost every student in Singapore has been to the Free Cone Day at least once. Well, for me, I go EVERY YEAR. Who doesn’t want free ice cream? The flavours offered are the orthodox ones such as Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and the list goes on. The queues are never ending but children, senior citizens and pregnant women get to jump queue. Here’s a fun fact: I bet you never knew you could bring your own cone!

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The happiest day of the year

If you ever see a long queue that starts from Ben and Jerry’s, you’ll know what day it is – it’s free cone day. It’s free quality ice cream, so quick take your place at the end of the queue!

The outlet at Rochester has a shorter queue compared to other more popular outlets, and I was lucky my favourite Cookie Dough flavour did not run out. The Cookie Dough ice cream is creamy and sweet, with chunks of chewy dough embedded in it. The fact that it was free made the ice cream a thousand times more delicious and satisfying.

They have a wide variety of ice cream flavours you can choose from, and are generous with the servings despite it being free.

It’s Ben and Jerry’s. It’s free. What more can I say?

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(Updated: October 28, 2014)


You get called a cheapo for getting free ice cream. But the truth is - a Singaporean go for anything that is free and anything with a queue.

The one I went to was at Great World and The Cathay, and the queue went onto a few levels. It doesn't matter how others judge you as you queue because you know you will have a few good laughs with your friends as you wait on your ice cream. It is even more fulfilling and the ice cream taste even sweeter when we finally arrived at the head of the queue.

So join in the queue and be a true-blue Singaporean, mark down the date on your calendar!

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I mean.. It's free ice cream.

1. It's free
2. B&J's has quality and good ice cream

So how can you say no?

Ben & Jerry's is one of the favorite ice cream places in Singapore, and their Free Cone Day is a highly successful marketing stunt. Every year on this day, there would be snaking long queues of people who would wait just to get some free ice cream.

I went to the Great World outlet this year and surprisingly, the wait wasn't very long at all. It was around 15 minutes before I got to my ice cream treat, and boy, it really made my day. You can consider it a cheap (or rather free) thrill I guess.

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You can't say no to free ice-cream

Ever had this feeling of ecstasy when you taste Ben & Jerry's ice cream? This creamy, soothing ice-cream bursting with flavour is anyone's idea of a luxury, especially important in times of indulgence and when celebrations involve ice-cream. Hence, you might think that with the ongoing popularity, Ben and Jerry would not need to further publicise themselves as a brand.

The main purpose of the Free Cone Day, however, was hugely a publicity success. Not only did the initiative, which gave one free cone per person on a designated day, reach out to its usual customers, it also gave it an edge of generosity unrivalled by other professional ice-cream marketeers such as Haagen Daez. This is an exceptionally brilliant move in drawing large masses of customers from brands with comparable quality of ice-cream, especially since a taste of it will render you hankering for more.

The main problem that day was the huge crowds. According to my friend, he literally quened for almost an hour just so that he could get free ice-cream. Moreover, with the speed the ice-cream is running out, he handed up not getting the flavour he wanted. Moreover, the age-long tradition of getting one person to quene and their friends converge afterwards gave him much irritation.

Why am I say this in a third person perspective? Because I'm stuck in camp, wondering why the Free Cone Day just has to fall on a weekday.

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Delicious Gems in your Mouth

Bring on the free cone day!

Although this year I was a little too busy to catch the wind in my sails and direct my hungry boat to the free cone day outlets, I have been an avid fan of this day from years ago.

I still remember the first time Free Cone Day was held - it was a big commotion and the queues were long every where. It seems that the fanfare has died down a lot since then. Now they only have free cone days at more secluded areas where it is not so accessible save for their Vivocity outlet.

Even then, maybe next year I will take a leisurely drive up to their Dempsey outlet to get some of these gems in my mouth once more.

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You can't hate free stuff.

Sorry for being extremely Singaporean but don't you just love free ice-cream? I know I do and that's why Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day is the best ever. You get free ice-cream in any flavours that you like and that's simply amazing.

We headed to the Great World outlet and when we arrived there was already a super long queue. But surprisingly, the queue moved super fast. We were able to get our free cones in approximately 15 minutes. This is also the first year Ben and Jerry's gave out Free Cone Day stickers to mark whether you're a "Newbie" or a "Veteran" Free Cone Day participant.

The only upsetting thing about it was that the Chocolate Therapy flavour ran out real quick. But then again, there are so many other delicious flavours, I couldn't stay disappointed.

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Free Ice Cream?

Why would I not give free ice-cream a 5-star rating? I think everyone looks forward to Free Cone Day. I love that there is no catch, nor any terms and conditions. All you have to do is to make your way down to a Ben and Jerry's store, queue, choose your favourite flavour and bingo! It's really that simple. I went for FCD in 2013 and was pleasantly surprised at how well-organised the event was and how cheerful the servers managed to be.

B&J also has many unique and novel flavours, which make the FCD even more valuable and precious. During FCD 2013, there were many points at which we could donate money to the less fortunate and needy. I thought that this was a great idea; to continually give back to the society that made you successful in the first place. At the very least, I'm quite certain B&J managed to put a lot of happy smiles on faces!

People are also encouraged to take photos of themselves, place the appropriate hashtag in the caption and post it onto their social media sites to drum up publicity! Overall, the event is full of fun and excitement, and definitely not one to be missed.

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