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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on March 16, 2014    

 National Breakfast Day is an initiative by McDonald's to provide breakfast for its customers all day long. During the promotion, the main thing to look out for is the free sausage McMuffins, as McDonalds has been known to give up to hundreds of thousands of the burgers during past National Breakfast Days.  This year's National Breakfast Day falls on 17 March 2014. 


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Breakfast is my favorite word

and still is. What's there not to love about breakfast food? it's the time of the day we are encouraged to eat more (remember the 'eat like a king during breakfast and pauper during dinner' rule?) and we have awesome stuff like flapjacks, hashbrowns, bread, muffins, cereal and many more. To be honest, I hardly grab macdonalds breakfast, though i always intent to but couldn't get my lazy ass off my bed early enough to make it in time. I was actually pretty damn elated to hear about Macs having all day breakfast till 6pm on National Breakfast Day, but guess who was too lazy to take a 7 min walk to her nearest mcdonalds?

And to the free mcmuffins. I honestly would rather pay for a mcmuffin or not eat it at all than to queue the whole long line just to grab a free mcmuffin and then before you know it it runs out (after you've queued for god-knows-how-long). But i must say Mcdonald's move is pretty ingenious.

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I have to say, this is a really interesting initiative by McDonalds. I don't think McDonalds has a very good image with the brimming talks about fast food being detrimental to health, so this was a good way to try and turn things around by a bit. Still, the message being advocated doesn't really get through since having fast food for breakfast isn't a terribly bright idea when trying to promote the importance of breakfast.

Anyway, I was really happy because the only thing I ever go to McDonalds for is their McBreakfast. I love their hashbrowns and their hotcakes! It's a shame they don't sell it after twelve. On National Breakfast Day, I happily waltzed down to McDonalds in the afternoon to get myself some nice hotcakes to savour while chit chatting with a friend.

And I didn't even try to fight for the free hamburgers. Knowing how kiasu Singaporeans are, I knew I wouldn't even stand a chance getting those hamburgers without sacrificing a great deal of my time. And I was right! Before the nearest McDonalds from my house opened, there was already a line formed.

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Simply too fast

The only time when Singaporeans in general become garang is when freebies are made available. Think proportion when the freebies is extended nationwide and in the hundreds of thousands. Oh boy, I stood no chance indeed.

I visited the McDonalds outlet at Northpoint Shopping Centre around 7.15am in the hopes of grabbing a free breakfast before making my way to camp. To my horror, the quene was so long that it stretched all the way out of the outlet. I saw that I would never be able to grab the sausage Mcmuffin without being late for book in. By the time I booked out, I didn't even bother as the free stocks must've ran out hours ago.

I find National Breakfast Day a unique initiative by McDonalds. It is my view indeed that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day and shouldn't be compromised. Hence, I found that the emphasis on the meal was extremely positive. Moreover, it was a novel experience getting to have the breakfast menu for an entire day.

However, what I hoped would be the idea of a more fulfilling and filling breakfast, maybe a set meal instead? This is because burgers just exemplifies a quick bite and does not robustly spread the message. Moreover, there is a lack of variety on offer, and I would rather have a healthier choice.

That being said, my overall view is still positive and I enjoyed the experience despite the massive crowds. Hoping that I will be successful in getting my hands on a burger next year!

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Why can't we have a healthier choice?

I'm sorry but what happened to healthy eating? If it's National Breakfast Day, why can't we have the option to eat healthier food? It's a thoughtful initiative on the part of McDonalds but I don't think it's THAT big of a deal.

Giving out free McMuffins will definitely please the 'kiasu' Singaporeans we have. It's a pretty nice gesture too since people are always too busy to get breakfast, maybe now they'll pop by to get a free burger. I thought it was cool that they'd extend breakfast hours all the way till 6pm. That means they have their whole food menu running after 11am, except for grilled items. But the poor McDonalds workers who have to do extra work.

I think it'd be better if some other company would take up the responsibility in initiating National Breakfast Day next year. Perhaps Salad Stop could do it, healthier choice!!!

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