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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on February 27, 2014    

One of Singapore's Residential Estate, this place is considered to be part of the central of Singapore with the ease and availability of transport. Within the vicinity of Central Toa Payoh, there is the HDB Hub which is known as a financial hub in the area. There is also a Bus Interchange that is situated just above the MRT station.

Toa Payoh is also home to schools such as Pei Chun Primary, and CHIJ Primary and Secondary (Toa Payoh).

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Old yet new

Toa Payoh, the matriach of all housing estates, can boast of having one of the longest histories among the towns in Singapore. Personally, it holds many memories for me, from times when I've just learnt how to read up till today. The best thing is, the wonderful opinions I have about Toa Payoh are shared by others too. Take Neil Humphreys, one of the best selling authors in Singapore, who positively calls you a turd if you did not pay Toa Payoh a single visit during your stay here.

There are a new notable places I'd recommend people to visit. Firstly, be sure not to miss out the high rises in the estate. Towering over 20 stories high, should you take the lift up to the top floor, you'd be treated to a breath-taking view of the skyline stretching out for miles. It was an experience that opens the heart, as I could see all the way to the coast!

Next, the Toa Payoh Mall, comprising of a network of shop houses, offers a backpacker's dream. Unlike conventional malls, the place has an air of allure, invitingly nudging your curiosity. In fact, it is common to find a wondrous shop tucked away in a small corner that makes your day.

Thirdly, the proximity of sports amenities near the town hub. Up till today, I venture regularly on alternate weekends to visit SAFRA for a gym workout and spent a happy afternoon roaming toa payoh. One really positive thing is that amenities are also available nearby for games such as tennis and squash too.

Lastly, the library itself is also worth a visit. Standing 3 stories high, it is one of the oldest libraries in Singapore with one of the best collection of books. Moreover, the architecture is still preserved as that of another era. Hence, I felt a bittersweet feeling when I entered, marveling at the flow of time and yet feeling joy at the same time.

A rich town full of history indeed!

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