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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on February 25, 2014    

One of Singapore's most famous to-try dishes that is served in almost all the Seafood restaurants in Singapore as a signature special. The Chilli Crabs in Singapore are usually drenched in sauces made from Tomato and Chilli sauce with egg bits floating around in it. The best way to eat this dish is with deep-fried hot buns that are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside which are good for dipping in the sauce.

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Singapore’s delicacy

Fresh crab meat drenched in silky chilli gravy spammed with bits of egg, and coupled with deep fried buns, there is nothing not to love about it. Its popular internationally, as seen from MasterChef Asia 2015 where contestants were challenged to recreate the famous dish.

I LOVE CHILLI CRAB. In fact, it is one of the delicacies that makes me feel proud to be a Singaporean. While most chilli crab restaurants are good, I especially love the one at the highly acclaimed Long Beach Seafood restaurant, which is also one of Singapore’s first chilli crab restaurant.

To all tourists visiting Singapore, you can’t miss out our chili crab!

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Local Favourite

For someone who mostly don't eat seafood, I really do love chill crab.

It's our local delight and a hot favourite, so how can I not love? I've never tasted bad chili crab out there, honestly. There are just good ones, and really good ones. You can't have bad chili crab, period. I especially love the fried mantous that come with it, because they taste divine together. You can't hate fried bread, and the chili crab gravy really goes well together with it!

We Singaporeans scour the island for the best chili crabs. What more can I say about how much we love it?

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(Updated: February 27, 2014)

spazzingly good

A famous local delight, chilli crab has ranked over the years as one of the all time favourite dishes to try of all time. As people used to tell me, 'you reap the rewards of your hard work.' Indeed, I definitely reap the tasty, soft flesh of my endeavors after getting the tough shell off.

In my opinion, the popularity of chilli crab arose due to the diversity in terms of cultures in Singapore. For example, the Chinese have been influenced over the years to grow to love chilli, which is actually a staple ingredient in Malay cooking. With this love, it resulted in chilli being integrated into traditional Chinese dishes to create fusion dishes such as chilli crab.

The chilli crab today is almost impossible to find in any other country. The unique spicy taste of freshly cooked crab meat together with rice and main dishes brings a delightful zest in a meal. Moreover, the various local variations dreamed up by hawkers and chefs and prepared with a loving hand propagate throughout the land. As such, I find that chilli crab is Singapore is an interest unto itself and that the constant discovery of new ways to prepare an already popular dish further enhances the legacy and impact on the people it touches.

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If I could be in a relationship with chilli crab, I would. It's my favourite seafood dish! That and garlic butter crab. I can just eat them all day everyday...

I love eating chilli crab with fried mantous and I like how you can never go wrong with chilli crab. I mean, there's obviously the really nice ones but even the chilli crabs of the lowest grade is still finger licking good.

There's a hawker near my house which sells chilli crab and last December, chilli crab was a must every Sunday! I just wish crabs were cheaper though but who am I kidding. They're always really expensive but I think it's reasonable to splurge on some chilli crabs once in a blue moon.

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Tinge the white flesh of the bread with orangey goodness

Something about this gravy always satisfies me. There is nothing better than tasting that sweet and sour taste together with the tinge of the spiciness from the chilli sauce.

Of course. the only other thing that can be better than this in terms of local delight would have to be gravy and the soft, succulent meat of the chilli crab complemented by the steaming hot man tous (fried buns) that complete the experience. The gravy can be soaked up by the softness and absorbency of the buns which colour the white flesh orange. Once that is in your mouth, you just taste oozing sweetness together with the salty meat of the crab.

This is always a must eat whenever I'm present at family dinners. It just seems to be part of the meal - I don't know what it would be like without such a delicious dish in my life. Salute to the person who managed to come up with this.

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