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Seletar Expressway

Seletar Expressway

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 20, 2014    

Seletar Expressway ( SLE ) connects the northern section of Singapore to the Tampines Expressway and Centralised location. There are a total of six lanes in SLE. The construction was officially completed in 1998 with the finalized length of 10.8 kilometres.


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I often use the SLE interchange to get from TPE to CTE and it is always a road, in my opinion, to watch out for. Recently having undergone upgrading work and reconstruction, the once narrow three lane road has transformed into a much more spacious road.

The good thing about spacious roads with more lanes is that traffic conditions is greatly alleviated. The probability of getting into a traffic jam along the SLE in the near future, unless it is due to bad weather, congestion, accident leading to sealing of a lane of 2, or extensive roadworks. Travelling has never been easier. I remembered once driving along the expressway at 7.15am while the upgrading works were still in place. My, the traffic congestion is one to remember. On another occasion when I was on a bus, it could only manage to crawl at a snail's pace hence making me late for book in. With the new expansion, these occurrences have been greatly reduced or evaporated making the feeling just like the bus is travelling a wee bit slower than usual instead of the frustrating feeling of being caught in a traffic jam.

One setback, however, is that the exits and entries along the expressway have been reconfigured as well. This has led to entry becoming more confusing as you can get confused with not only the additional lanes but the way the elevated entry road curves up and down. Unfortunately, on one occasion, I almost had an accident as a result.

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