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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 18, 2014    

SGNews is an application created by Lee Chee Tsong. It allows readers to gain access of the latest news from various newsfeeds. The newsfeeds available in this application includes Berita Harian, Channel News Asia, In Sing and many more.

Additionally, readers are able to save articles that they favour. This app enables readers to opt for differing font sizes based on personal preferences too.

SGNews can be downloaded on IOS system gadgets.


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Not too bad an app

While this app is seemingly useful as a pin board for all the new portals, I find it a little bit difficult to navigate with the different types of news that are coming up. Perhaps I am actually just more used to looking at news from a single source than from many. By having many sources that provide to my viewing pleasure, the difference in format and the style of writing make it difficult for me to read with a certain level of coherence.

Even so, I find this app quite amazing in the way that it pulls out more salient articles that actually do interest me. However for the time being, I think I'm being overwhelmed by too many sources of news. I think I will just stick to The Independent/CNN and The Straits Times.

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One stop portal for all news

I'm an avid reader, constantly on my phone in all manner of transportations, the waiting period for friends who evidently remembered the wrong meet-up timing as well as during respites in camp. Hence, besides e-books, i keep up to touch with the local news and latest happenings as well.

Hence, I find that SGnews is a wonderful organiser for the various local newspapers as well as websites such as yahoo news and Through the use of one app, I can virtually access all news available locally. Moreover, the mode of organisation whereby news are arranged according to genres i.e. world, entertainment etc can let me select which type of news I would want to read. Normally I just go straight to 'Home' and 'World'. Alternatively, Today Newspaper's ' Comment & Analysis' also offers an insightful and good read!

One setback though is the listing of newspapers such as The Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao on the app. These newspapers require payment for access to full content and puts a damper when you are just able to get only the gist of it. Hence, I felt that user experience would be better with all news that are free instead of everything with some that cannot be accessed.

Overall, a good app!

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