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Singapore Budget 2014

Singapore Budget 2014

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 18, 2014    

Singapore Budget 2014 involves Singapore's governments revision session towards every ongoing and upcoming financial projects. Finance will be reaccessed and recalculated. Strategies will be implanted. It will run from 1st April to 31st March.

Information regarding Singapore Budget 2014 can be found via their official website or an application. The application can be found in the application stores of any IOS system gadgets under the name 'SGBudget'.

Additionally, 'The Budget Feedback Process' was also made available. 


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(Updated: May 20, 2014)

Informative though laggy

I downloaded this app during the hey days of the debate over the budget for Financial year 2014. I've always believed government spending to be an unignorable cornerstone of the economy and that it is important to keep track of how the budget will be allocated so as to see how the common man on the street like me will be affected.

This year's Budget is progressively moving towards one that takes more into account the social aspect of society. There were plenty of debates on how the country should thank its pioneers, most of whom have crossed the threshold of 65 years of age for all their hard work in building Singapore as we know it today. It was extremely gratifying to read about the Pioneer Generation Package, the end product of these debates, being created in an effort to alleviate healthcare concerns of the ageing pioneers. Such costs are increasingly becoming a major concern for them as their health deteriorates with age.

The app though, has quite a few bugs. For one, it keeps lagging and crashing on my phone. Furthermore, at times, the contents can be someone distorted and refused to display clearly until I forced shut the application and re-started it.

Looking forward to what Budget 2015 will bring!

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