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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 17, 2014    

The Straits Times Mobile is an application catered for both iPhones, iPod touch and Android phones. This app includes 'Print Edition' news and a myriad of news including climate and gallery options. 

Recently, this application added the Recruits and Classified features too.




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Too Sparse

Although I prefer reading a hard copy of the newspaper, this app is still indispensable. As a student, it's near impossible to find time to read the papers but the mobile app for The Straits Times (TST) offers a great alternative. I like that the user interface is stylish, and constantly updated and revamped. Each new update makes the app better!

News are separated into different categories to make for easy perusal. When you think mobile app for TST, think short and sweet. Its news articles are kept condensed, and longer and more detailed versions require a paid subscription. Although I feel the news articles are way too short, it's perfect for on-the-go updates. However, the ad at the bottom of each article is annoying and makes me feel as though TST just wants to force me to subscribe to read more of its 'quality content'.

Nonetheless, still one of my must-have apps although there are plenty others in the App Store. I suggest trying CNA or CNN as alternative news apps! All deliver quality and updated news plus boast of user-friendly interfaces. For live streaming of news reports, Al-Jazeera is unbeatable.

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Fantastic App on the go

This was my companion that accompanied me through my journey as a student taking my A levels. What could be better than the newspaper blasts on the go, on your phone? Nothing. In this technological day and age, there is so much convenience in the advancements that technology has made, and I must admit, moving from a hardcopy carbon print to a smartphone app was a smart move. This meant less trouble for me - while I left the hardcopy issues at home for my parents' viewing pleasure, I was left with the app subscription which allowed me to access all the brand new news all from the palm of my hand. Not only could I save the articles by screen saving them, I could also read the newspapers (from the palm of my hand) at my own leisure time without having to lug around the troublesome pile of newspapers.

Plus, I don't even have to get my hands dirty.

What's even better is that I even get quick blasts and updates by the minute on a certain update on a certain matter. There is nothing more helpful than that. But of course, unlike all the other review below that have rated this app poorly, I am a paid app subscriber. It is worth every cent. To be honest, I don't even know why this promotion isn't publicised enough but it just costs $2 extra just to add the internet subscription to your hardcopy subscription if you decide to do so. What's the extra $2 if you can get the latest news and updates on the go (and up to 5 devices at that)? I'd say go for it. While everyone is going around with messily cut article chunks from the newspaper, you end up with pristine A4 sized articles if you do decide to print them out. Lovely.

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Might as well not have the app at all

I'd have a much easier time seeing the Straits Times mobile app as a 'Buy it, or else!' sign because i feel thats what the app inherently is. I see no point in putting up apps just for the purpose of denying content and forcing people to pay for them. In this age of widespread access to the internet, the expectations of people, especially on apps is that it is supposed to be free. If thats not the case, you might as well just make it available for your own subscribers instead of wasting people's time and data.

However, I have to admit that putting an app which indeed gives you the gist of the first part of the article is a good marketing tactic by SPH. It is akin to the dog and bone theory, where you let the dog smell the bone before walking away with it. The dog, having sniffed the meaty flavour of the bone, can't help but follow you and would do antics you want it to do so that you'll give it the bone. This is the same tactic that SPH is doing to potential readers here.

Overall, my advice is that unless you have online subscription, don't bother downloading the app.

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Not In-Depth Enough

I used to have the Straits Times Mobile app but soon realised that it didn't cover enough of breaking news. You have to be a subscriber in order for you to access full stories and that's just not good enough. You might as well buy the Straits Times yourself.

Well, it's useful if you only want a gist of what's currently going on in the world. The app is easy to navigate through and runs top headlines. But I would rather get other news apps like CNN or BBC or Flipboard which cover so much more.

It's quite a waste of space in your phone. Just buy the hardcopy. It'll be more worth it.

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