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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 17, 2014    

Dayre is an application that enables users to blog in an easy manner via their portable devices.Users are able to opt for descriptive writing, pictorial posts, video uploads, updates of whereabouts via tagged gps locations, or simply choose a sticker out of those wide array of stickers offered there as a form of blog post.

This application was made by FTW Tech Pte. Ltd, a company in Singapore. This application can be downloaded for free on either the IOS software gadgets or android phones.


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(Updated: February 18, 2014)

Instagram Knockoff

Go away Dayre, why do you even exist? Apart from the fact that it's a micro/mobile blogging platform, there is nothing special about it. I used to use Dayre but it's so confusing to use and troublesome to navigate, I gave up.

It's much like an Instagram Knockoff. I mean, you can also write your thoughts on Instagram right? It just depends who's going to read it. Most people would just scroll past it. The thing about Dayre is that not many people use it. You can only view the blogs if you follow them and have the app on your phone which makes things very inconvenient.

Just stick to blogger or tumblr or wordpress or livejournal. There's no point in getting a Dayre.

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